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The trendiest travel accessories

Have you got a card holder yet? We know that when you’re travelling, you also want the trendiest travel accessories, like a card holder. For the best travel essentials, My Jewellery is the ultimate place to be! We have lots of beautiful card holders and passport holders. You can protect your cards and passport in style thanks to My Jewellery. What more could you need?! Have you spotted an attractive card holder yet?

Card holders for any moment

A card holder, which is similar to a mini wallet or purse, ensures you always have your cards with you. Card holders help keep your cards well organised and prevent you from losing them easily. We’ve all been there. You open your wallet and all kinds of notes and receipts tumble out that don’t even need to be there. You find loose change, outdated coupons and invalid bankcards. In other words, a mess! That will be a thing of the past thanks to the card holders from My Jewellery. Simply stick in the cards you use on a regular basis. Nowadays, we can pay for just about anything with our bankcards, which means we don’t need to carry around cash anymore. No more heavy, jingling wallets! Are you a huge fan of card holders yet?

Advantages of a card holder

The biggest advantage of a card holder is the mere size of it. The general design of a card holder is thin and slight, which means it easily fits into your (small) bag or pocket. No more unnecessary heavy loads and big handbags. They are also quite quick and easy to use. No more rummaging around in your oversized wallet looking for your bankcard while trying to pay at the cash desk with a queue of people impatiently waiting behind you. Lastly, card holders protect your bankcards from damage. We’ve all sneakily taken our cards out of our wallets and slipped them into our pockets where our keys can scratch them or they accidentally slip out! The hassle of getting a new card is such a nuisance. Which card holder has caught your eye?

The perfect passport holder for your travels

Aside from card holders, at My Jewellery we also offer other great travel accessories, such as passport holders. For every journey you’ll need your passport a number of times. Wouldn’t you just love to show your passport with a gorgeous cover over it? With My Jewellery passport holders, your passport will no longer be dull and boring like everyone else’s. We have lots of colour options for the passport holders. Tip: match your card holder with your passport holder. Your travel accessories will look coordinated and stylish! Have you added your favourite passport holder and card holder to your shopping basket yet?