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  1. Bracelet with initial in round charm
  2. Necklace with initial in round charm | My Jewellery
    Necklace with initial in round charm
  3. Flapbox 20x29 black
    Flapbox 20x29 black
  4. Flapbox 12x16 black
    Flapbox 12x16 black
  5. Flapbox 34x50 black
    Flapbox 34x50 black
  6. Flapbox 20x29 pink
    Flapbox 20x29 pink
  7. Flapbox 12x16 pink
    Flapbox 12x16 pink
  8. Ketting met sterrenbeeld bedel | My Jewellery
    Necklace with zodiac charm
    As low as €25.99
  9. Beaded stretch bracelet with initial
    Beaded stretch bracelet with initial
  10. Hoop earrings with heart sun beam | My Jewellery
    Hoop earrings with heart sun beam
  11. Birthstone necklace | My Jewellery
    Birthstone necklace
    As low as €25.99
  12. Double rhinestone bracelet with initial
    Double rhinestone bracelet with initial
  13. Initial necklace
    Initial necklace
    As low as €19.99
  14. Atelier armband met ronde bedel | My Jewellery
    Atelier bracelet with round charm
  15. Ketting met platte schakel & hart | My Jewellery
    Flat chain necklace with heart charm
  16. Schakelketting met zirkonia initial | My Jewellery
    Chain necklace with cubic zirconia initial
  17. Oorringen met klein hartje | My Jewellery
    Small hoop earrings with heart charm
  18. Atelier vintage signet ring
    Atelier vintage signet ring
  19. Atelier korte ketting met ronde strass bedel | My Jewellery
    Atelier short necklace with round rhinestone charm
  20. Necklace with heart initial
    Necklace with heart initial
  21. Armband met love letters & strass | My Jewellery
    Rhinestone bracelet with love letters
  22. Luxury statement ketting | My Jewellery
    Luxury statement necklace
    As low as €59.99
    • Shop now, pay later
    • Stainless steel jewellery
    • star 8.7/10 Feedback Company rating 
  23. Beige puffer tote bag
    Beige puffer tote bag
    Beige puffer tote bag Beige puffer tote bag is available in 4 colors Available in 4 colors
  24. Clear rhinestone drop earrings
  25. Giftbox bedels & strass set | My Jewellery
    Charms & rhinestone gift box
  26. Ring met transparante stenen | My Jewellery
    Ring with clear rhinestones
  27. Oorhangers met love letters & strass | My Jewellery
    Drop earrings with rhinestone love letters
  28. Giftbox love lock set | My Jewellery
    Love lock gift box
    As low as €39.99

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The best gift ideas for her from My Jewellery

The search for the perfect gift is and always will be a tricky one. After all, you want to surprise her with a gift that suits her and makes her happy, right? No worries, because the gift ideas for her from My Jewellery will have you sorted out in no-time! On this page you will see a wide selection of gifts for her. Regardless what your budget is, My Jewellery has gift ideas within any price range. For just € 0.95 you can get her a cute card and for € 6.95 you’ll find beautiful charms. Would you like to get her a more luxurious gift? The My Jewellery unique scent Empress Eau de Parfum is a wonderful option, or perhaps some beautiful gold or silver jewellery. Having a hard time picking out the right gift? You can also get her a gift card so that the lucky woman can pick out her favourites on the My Jewellery website herself. You can never go wrong with a gift card and you get to decide the value yourself. You’ll certainly put a smile on her beautiful face with our gift ideas! Read more about gift ideas for her.

Find the perfect gift with our gift ideas for her

With the gift ideas from My Jewellery, you'll find a suitable gift for your sister, mother, grandma, BFF, lover or daughter in no-time. Seeing as the assortment is so large, we want to help you out in narrowing the options down. Does your mother, sister, best friend or whoever else wear jewellery? She will be delighted with jewellery from My Jewellery! To make your gift even more personal, you could go for jewellery with initials. You have the choice between silver or gold, so be sure to subtly check which she wears. Jewellery from My Jewellery is made from stainless steel which means that the jewellery won't discolour, so she’ll be able to enjoy her gift for longer! That’s why jewellery is at the top of our list when it comes to gifts for her. You can also go a different direction and pick out a gorgeous accessory such as a bag. We’re sure you already know that a woman can never have too many bags! Still struggling with deciding which gift to get her? Go for a gift card. That way, your special woman can pick out her favourites herself. There are more than enough gift ideas to choose from! Still struggling? Use the Gift Finder to help you find the right gift within a few easy steps. You’ll be able to get her something just right to suit her style.

Gift ideas for various occasions

You might want to surprise her with a gift just because, but there might also be a special occasion for getting her a gift. My Jewellery has considered this and so on this page you'll find gift ideas for Mother’s Day, but also gift ideas for your BFF or loved one, like Valentine's Day gifts. One of the gift ideas we have for Mother’s Day is the Mother’s Day gift box. There are three variants, so you're bound to be able to choose a suitable one for your mother. Did you best friend recently graduate? Surprise her with a graduation bracelet. This is attached to a card that says ‘you did it!’. How sweet is that? Or maybe she hasn't graduated yet, but has important exams coming up. We also have gift ideas for that. Touch her heart with a good luck bracelet. If you're looking for a gift for your lover, My Jewellery is the place to be. We have lots of cute and special gift ideas for her. Spoil her with a necklace featuring an open heart and stones or a pair of hoop earrings with hearts & love. The perfect gift for her is waiting here somewhere among our gift ideas!

Make it complete

Now, you might have found her the perfect gift with the help of our gift ideas, but you can complete the gift even more. There’s just one thing missing, you see. Beautiful gift packaging! Among our gift ideas, we also have gorgeous gift packaging like flap boxes, cards, gift boxes and stud boxes. A Valentine’s Day gift wouldn't be complete without a romantic card, so remember to add a Valentine’s Day card to your order. My Jewellery also offers lovely cards for your mother, sister and friend. You can even send these cards without a gift just to let her know you're thinking of her! A flap box is ideal to wrap your gift in. There are various sizes and all kinds of anything will fit in it: jewellery, accessories and even a T-shirt. A gift box is quite handy for pieces of jewellery and she can keep the box to safely store her jewellery. Neat, right?! We’re confident that you'll find her a fantastic gift from among our gift ideas. Happy gifting!