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  1. Twisted ring set | My Jewellery
    Twisted ring set
    As low as €22.99
  2. Springstones ring set | Rings | My Jewellery
    Springstones ring set
    As low as €7.00 Regular Price €10.00
  3. Stretch ringen set met parels & kralen mix
    Stretch ring set with mixed pearls & beads
    As low as €11.19 Regular Price €15.99
  4. Stretch ringen set met parels & kralen
    Stretch ring set with pearls & beads
    As low as €11.19 Regular Price €15.99
  5. Stretch ringen set met sterren
    Stretch ring set with stars
  6. Forever Connected ringen set | Ringen | My Jewellery
    Forever Connected ring set
    As low as €19.99
  7. Ringen set elastiek | Koop hier | My Jewellery
    Stretch rings set

Buy a ring set at My Jewellery

Are you a massive fan of rings? So are we! You’ll notice more and more women stacking various rings. This is the ultimate ring party and we for one love it! Do you sometimes struggle with styling the right rings together? We hear you! Which is why we have put together a selection of ring sets for you! You can choose between gold ring sets and silver ring sets. The ring sets are made from stainless steel, which means they are 100% waterproof and the rings will not discolour. You can wear them all the time, including while you shower, swim, clean, everything! Perfect for anyone who wants to keep enjoying their ring set. Try out the stretch ring sets with little coins. They are such a cool ring combination! The fantastic thing about these ring sets is that they will always fit because they are stretchy. How cool is that! Can´t get over how cool these sets are? You should take a quick peek at our earring sets, necklace sets and bracelet sets as well!

Create your very own ring party

Are you up for the challenge of creating your very own ring party with the various rings at My Jewellery? Go you! It’s so much fun to mix and match various rings together to create your own unique style. Where do you start? It’s simple! Firstly, pick whether you want to go for gold rings or silver rings. Next, pick out a few minimalist rings. Minimalistic rings are a great starting point. These rings are also very easy to style with each other in so many different ways! Be sure to buy rings in different sizes so that you can wear rings on several fingers. We also have some adjustable rings just to make things a little easier. Last but not least, you can finish off the look with a statement ring, like perhaps a signet ring

Ring set as a gift

Would you like to gift a special person a gold ring set or a silver ring set? What a great idea! You can’t go wrong with a ring set if you want to create a ring party. If you go for our stretch rings, you’ll be 100% certain that the ring set will fit. The ring sets are all made from stainless steel, so the jewellery doesn´t discolour. Perfect, right?! After all, they can enjoy their rings endlessly! Would the recipient rather put together their own ring set? Then try out a few minimalistic rings so that she can expand her ring set! A beautiful option to bulk up her ring set is picking out a ring with her birthstone. These rings are adjustable and therefore suitable for every finger. Not only that, but it’s a personal gift that comes in a beautiful little box. It’s easy and fun to then style the minimalistic rings and birthstone ring with other rings. Read more about birthstone rings here and pick out the recipient’s month! The ring set will look that much more special on her fingers. Happy gifting!