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Women’s blouses by My Jewellery

My Jewellery women’s blouses are stylish, timeless items that should be a part of every wardrobe. Blouses can be styled for a feminine, cool, classy, or basic look. With a woman's blouse you will always look fabulous! You can style shirts in so many different ways, so you can wear them on any occasion. At My Jewellery, you'll find all kinds of blouse types and colours, such as white blouses and black blouses, for all times of the day and based on the very latest trends. My Jewellery blouses also look fantastic as part of a co-ord set with a skirt or a pair of pants styled in the same print. Shirts are all-season garments, so go for a lovely shirt with a summery colour when it’s hot, wearing it under a blazer when it’s cold. Blouses don’t just look really beautiful, they’re also really comfortable. A lovely shirt will really make your look! So shop your favourite shirt online now, or at one of the My Jewellery boutiques. Have you already spotted the blouse for you?

Blouses for every wardrobe  

Not sure what to wear? Why not go for a blouse, an item that works whenever and wherever you happen to be. Blouses are a great investment for your wardrobe. You should always have a few shirts in your clothing repertoire. White and black blouses are perfect examples. These are real basics that always come in handy! You can wear your white blouse and look really posh at the office, but also look very casual when you combine it with a denim skirt and trainers. Or why not go for a lovely print styled with a matching skirt or some nice jeans. A wrap blouse is also totally on-trend! This one you wrap up, so it’s always a perfect fit! The buttons add a playful vibe. Most blouses feature buttons, which add the finishing touch, and a V-neck, which really brings out your figure beautifully. Are you becoming a fan of My Jewellery blouses too?


For all four-seasons

Blouses always come in handy! Every single blouse can be combined and styled depending on the season, so you can enjoy your favourite blouse all year long. In the summer, wear your short-sleeved blouse with a nice skirt. Wear a beautiful mesh blouse in autumn. And in winter, style your shirt with a pretty blazer. Styling your blouse with a nice pair of jeans, dress trousers, or flare trousers also looks fantastic. Besides the loveliest blouses, you’ll find even more great clothes at My Jewellery, like bodies. My Jewellery blouses also feature some gorgeous star prints, as well as leopard prints, zebra prints, floral prints, and so much more! My Jewellery also has some longer shirts for an extra comfy look. The checkered blouse with cord is a good example. Alternatively, shop a dark green oversized blouse, which will look super cute over your favourite top. How do you wear your blouses?

A women’s blouses for any occasion

The nice thing about blouses is that you can wear them literally all the time! A shirt is perfect for the office because a blouse looks smarter than a sweater or a top. Do you like wearing your blouses more casually for a meeting or at school? Then simply style it with a pair of jeans and some cute jewellery. Do you have a special occasion coming up, like a dinner party at Xmas time? Then wear a festive shirt, like a beautiful shirt with a bow or a wrap blouse. Do you like colour and prints? They’re perfect for birthdays, so go for a blouse with something like an animal print for a cool look. Add your favourite jewellery and accessories to your blouse outfit and you’ll look stunning. In short, with My Jewellery blouses you can go in any direction! Look online and shop your favourite blouses now!