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  1. Bedel initiaal met steentjes
    Rhinestone initial charm
    As low as €12.79
  2. Rectangular initial charm
    Rectangular initial charm
    As low as €10.47 Regular Price €14.95
  3. Silver initial charm, Pendant necklace
    Silver coloured initial charm
  4. Initial jewellery | Charms | My Jewellery
    Cubes silver coloured initial charm
    As low as €7.99 Regular Price €9.99
  5. Moments letter charm | Charms | My Jewellery
    Moments letter charm
    As low as €6.27 Regular Price €8.95
  6. Bedel losse initial | letter bedels My Jewellery
    Charm loose initial
    As low as €10.47 Regular Price €14.95

Shop for your initial charms at My Jewellery

Initial charms should definitely be part of your jewellery stash. Letter charms are increasingly popular and initial charms are totally on-trend. At My Jewellery, you can shop for initial charms in different designs. Charms with letters are available in gold and silver and we have all the letters of the alphabet, so there is always a pendant with a letter for you. We love charms with letters. That’s why we have a lovely selection of initial charms. The charms with letters are designed according to the latest styles, so you’ll always be on-trend with your initial charms! The initial charms from My Jewellery are made from premium stainless steel, therefore the charms with letters won’t discolour! The charms with letters are the perfect addition to your bracelet and necklace. This allows you to enjoy your initial charms endlessly and you’ll never have to take them off. Super nice right?! So, take a look at this page and shop for your favourite initial charms. Order your initial charms before 8 pm and your package will be shipped the same day. Would you rather see the initial charms in real life? Then come and visit us in one of our boutiques. Our girls will be happy to help you find your favourite charms. Which initial charms do you have your eye on? Happy shopping at My Jewellery!

Add a personal touch with initial charms

Make it special! With the initial charms from My Jewellery you can make your jewellery completely personal. We have charms with all the letters of the alphabet in different designs. You can also choose between gold and silver initial charms. As a result, there’ll always be an initial charm that’s special to you. Initial charms are totally on-trend and personal at the same time. Charms with letters are timeless because of the personal touch. That’s why charms with letters need to be part of your jewellery stash! It’s so special to wear personal jewellery. That’s why My Jewellery loves initial charms. After all, how nice is it to have your own initials or that of a loved one with you? The initials are perfect for your favourite necklace or bracelet. The best thing to do is to wear the initials jewellery with each other to create the perfect set. Make it yours! For example, go for an initial charm with the first letter of your name and one with the first letter of your last name. Alternatively, go for an initial charm of a loved one, so you can always have them with you.

Mix & match with initial charms

Mix & match initial charms and create your own style. How much fun is it to mix & match jewellery? Did you know that you can wear multiple initial charms? For example, choose initial charms with the first letter of your name and hang it on your necklace and then choose initial charms with the initials of your loved one and hang it on your favourite bracelet. It’s also perfect for layering initial necklaces - this is totally hot! Or choose several initial bracelets for the perfect arm party. In short, there is something for everyone! With the many possibilities initial charms offer, it is very easy to shop for and combine lots of initial jewellery. Initial earrings and initial rings certainly need to be part of your jewellery look. How nice is it to shop for a complete set of initial charms and wear them together? Wear the initial charms in silver or gold and your outfit will be on point with your personal jewellery. Let us see what your favourite mix & match combination with initial charms looks like by tagging My Jewellery on Instagram.

The perfect gift: charm with letters

Find the perfect gift! How difficult can it be to find the perfect gift for your loved one? My Jewellery to the rescue! We are only too happy to help you find the perfect gift. Have you ever thought about initial charms? A special, unique gift makes everyone happy. The initial charms are the perfect gift for your best friend, your mother, your niece or other favourite person. Of course you can also just give it to yourself! Surprise your loved one with initial charms featuring their own initials or that of someone close to them. Giving them your initials as a present is also a lovely idea. You’ll be completely matching, and this gift for her will be unforgettable. Give a personal charm as a Valentine’s present or Mother's Day gift and you'll score points too. Check beforehand whether your loved one prefers silver or gold initial charms and which style matches the rest of her stash. Then she can wear the initial charms with her favourite necklace or bracelet. To make the initial charms even more fun, you can gift them in a My Jewellery gift box, making the gift of initial charms even more special.