We believe a birth flower is the most beautiful representation of someone’s birth month. Like each of us, every flower is unique and has her own characteristics & stories, it’s just up to you to discover the meaning of your personal birth flower and learn more about yourself in the process. Ultimately, we want you and your loved ones to be empowered by the emotions, spirit and mood of your own unique birth flower. 

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The Birth Flower collection by My Jewellery

It’s finally here, the Birth Flower collection! The Birth Flower collection is an intimate and personal collection with a lot of on-trend jewellery that’s all about you, your loved ones and discovering your personality. Each birth flower represents a birth month. Every single Birth Flower has a different meaning, and just like us, is unique in its own special way. Just like a person, a birth flower experiences growth, has its own characteristics and its own story to tell. All Birth Flowers have their own meaning and can say a lot about you as a person, and we think that’s beautiful. The Birth Flower collection also makes an excellent gift. The Birth Flowers evoke certain emotions, thoughts or moods that can give you or that special person strength when they need it most. In short, one of our favourite & most special collections! All items are made of premium stainless steel, so no discolouration, and are 100% waterproof meaning you’ll be enjoying your jewellery for years to come. It goes without saying that the Birth Flower collection also comes in gold & silver. Have you already spotted your favourite Birth Flower jewellery online or in the boutiques? Let us know, tag us on Instagram or go to hashtag #myjewellerygirl. We can’t wait to see! 

Your Birth Flower and what it represents 

Every birth month has a birth flower, and so do you! Let's find out what Birth Flower is. There are twelve Birth Flowers in total, each representing a different month. 

  • January - Carnation, this Birth Flower represents: deep love, gratitude and good fortune. 
  • February - Iris, this Birth Flower represents: faith, modesty and spiritual wisdom.
  • March - Daffodil, this Birth Flower represents: rebirth and new beginnings, happiness and vanity
  • April - Sweet Pea, this birth flower represents: delicate and blissful pleasure, optimism and playfulness. 
  • May - Lily of the valley, this Birth Flower represents: purity, sweetness and motherhood. 
  • June - Rose, this Birth Flower represents: love, passion and beauty.  
  • July - Larkspur, this Birth Flower represents: lightness, positivity and grace. 
  • August - Gladiolus, this Birth Flower represents: strength. success and imagination.
  • September - Aster, this Birth Flower represents : love, faith and elegance. 
  • October - Marigold, this Birth Flower represents: creativity, passion and warmth. 
  • November - Chrysanthemum, this Birth Flower represents: friendship, optimism and health. 
  • December - Christmas Star. this Birth Flower represents: success, celebration and hope. 


Allow your Birth Flower to inspire and motivate you and join the bouquet of love! 

Birth Flower jewellery

The Birth Flower collection is live, and we are here for it! The collection includes Birth Flower necklaces and Birth Flower rings. Are you having a hard time trying to work out your ring size? Take a look at our blog, where we explain all the ins and outs of measuring your ring size. Every piece of jewellery has your personal Birth Flower in it and our Birth Flower collection has been designed in a minimalist style, making it easy to combine with other jewellery. The entire Birth Flower collection is well coordinated, creating a the perfect jewellery party in no time. You’ll never run out of jewellery with the Birth Flower collection. The Birth Flowers are visible on the jewellery right down to the most minute details, and have some trendy extras as a finishing touch! What is your favourite piece of Birth Flower jewellery from the collection? We can't make our minds up... If you’ve still got a few questions you can always contact our customer service, who are on standby to answer your question at any time of day.


Want to know everything about your birth flower? Then read our birth flower blog

Birth Flower jewellery, the perfect gift!

Isn’t it just great to give someone a loving and powerful gift? The Birth Flower collection is all about empowering yourself and/or others with your birth flower. The Birth Flower jewellery is beautifully wrapped, is fantastic value for money, comes with a personal message and with the super fast delivery, you’ll have it in no time! In short, an ideal gift for her. Quickly add a trendy gift wrapping at the checkout et voilà! Not quite sure how well the gift will go down? Don't worry, you can return your order within 14 working days. Or play it safe by giving that special person a gift card with a nice amount on it, so you can’t go wrong! If you're still lacking inspiration and can't find the right gift, take a look at our Gift Finder. Answer three simple questions and you'll have the perfect gift in no time. Happy giving!