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Spice things up in one-shoulder dresses

We’re in love with one-shoulder dresses, though that shouldn’t come as a surprise. We often feel extra feminine, confident and beautiful when we get to swan about in beautiful one-shoulder dresses, because they happen to accentuate all of our womanly features. We can’t help it, we’ve gone gaga for one-shoulder dresses! Why do we love asymmetrical dresses so much? Well, it’s simple really, because one-shoulder dresses are the epitome of elegance and classiness, with just the right amount of sex appeal. The feminine vibe of one-shoulder dresses is one every other dress envies, and it’s one that every woman wants to portray. My Jewellery is the place to be for all of your one-shoulder dresses, from asymmetrical dresses in statement colours to classic one-shoulder dresses in black or white, we have them all so there’s something to suit everyone. Looking into the fashion trends for the season you can expect to see loads of asymmetrical clothing, such as one-shoulder tops and asymmetrical skirts to go alongside your one-sleeved dresses. One-shoulder dresses are firm favourites amongst the celebrity set, just look at Bella Hadid, Kat Graham and Kendall Jennery stealing the show in their one-sleeved dresses. In other words, you know you’ll steal the show next time you rock your one-shoulder dresses, you’ll see!

The best one-shoulder dresses at My Jewellery

At My Jewellery we offer a beautiful range of all of your favourite one-shoulder dresses. Our asymmetrical dresses don’t just come in a whole host of amazing colours, they also come in surprising fabrics and finishes, making them on-trend and stylish at all times! Satin fabrics instantly make your one-shoulder dresses super elegant and feminine, perfect for when you want your one-shoulder dress to exude a chic quality. When we think of our one-sleeved dresses we automatically think of special occasions. Got exciting plans such as a party, dinner, date night or a fun night out with friends? In that case, a one-shoulder dress is just what you need! When going to a party it’s always fun to surprise people with your outfit and a glitter one-shoulder dress is the perfect choice to do just that. All the sparkles on your one-shoulder glitter dress will set the dance floor alight and you’ll stand out like no other. Besides being considered a party dress, your one-shoulder dresses can also be worn for many other occasions. Think of that date you’ve got coming up. You’ll want to make an instant impression so one-shoulder dresses are certainly the way to go. The key is to keep things subtle though, so perhaps leave the sparkly one-shoulder dresses in your wardrobe, and instead opt for slinky yet classic black asymmetrical dresses. Black is always a great colour choice, and black one-shoulder dresses are sure to become your instant go-to outfit for so many different occasions!

Asymmetrical dresses with a special touch

The My Jewellery range of one-shoulder dresses is so fast, we can imagine it might be a bit tricky to choose the perfect asymmetrical dress for you. Luckily, we know just about every one-shoulder dress in our collection, and we’d happily help you find the perfect one-sleeved dresses for you! First up is to determine what kind of one-shoulder dresses you want to wear. Will you opt for a short-sleeved dress, or decide it’s a little too cold for that and instead go for a long-sleeved dress? Not exactly a drastic decision, but still one that needs to be made. After that you’ll have to decide on the length, is it time for a long dress or a short dress? We love both styles, but can imagine sometimes you’d rather wear a mini one-shoulder dress over a maxi asymmetrical dress. Once you’ve decided on the style, the next question is to determine your colour of choice for your one-shoulder dresses. As we said, black one-shoulder dresses will always remain a classic, but if you’re looking for the perfect one-shoulder dresses for party season we’d recommend thinking outside the box. Sparkly sequined one-shoulder dresses are having a major moment, as are jewel colours such as emerald green asymmetrical dresses, fuchsia one-shoulder dresses and red one-sleeved dresses. We’re also seeing lots of silver, gold and purple one-shoulder dresses, so there’s a colour for everyone. Depending on whether you want to make a statement with your one-shoulder dresses or would rather keep things classic in your black asymmetrical dresses, your choice of one-shoulder dresses is entirely up to you! But with our range of one-shoulder dresses to choose from, the choice will be easily made. You got this girl!

One-sleeved dresses for party season

Ain’t no party like a one-shoulder dresses party! When it comes to parties you want to be able to get down and have some fun on the dance floor, and that requires an outfit that allows that. One-shoulder dresses are super comfortable and easy to move in, so you can let those arms go once the beat drops. A glitter one-shoulder dress is the perfect disco ball outfit, so you can live it up on the dance floor. One-shoulder dresses happen to be perfect for pretty much every occasion and event, from themed parties to Christmas dinners, your one-shoulder dresses are sure to become your best friends when dressing for parties. The beauty of asymmetrical dresses is that they come in a large variety of colours, so if you’re going to an Abba party look no further than shimmering silver sequined dresses with one-shoulder, a white party obviously calls for white one-shoulder dresses, while a Christmas office party needs black, green or red asymmetrical dresses. Our partywear collection includes some incredible one-shoulder dresses that are sure to steal the show at whatever kind of party you choose to go to. But, don’t forget, that whilst your one-shoulder dresses will be doing most of the talking, you can’t attend a party without some sparkling rhinestone jewellery dripping off you. Our Magical Wonders party jewellery collection is the place to be for statement jewels that will compliment your one-shoulder dresses beautifully. Afterall, party dresses aren’t complete without party jewellery. So there ya go, check out our collection of one-shoulder dresses online or at one of our many boutiques and discover your new favourite asymmetrical dresses asap! Happy shopping!