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    Bracelet butterfly
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    Ring with butterfly
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    Butterfly necklace
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The latest trends with butterfly jewellery

Butterfly jewellery, you are bound to have seen them about the place. This trend is becoming really hot & happening right now. The beautiful thing about butterflies is that they symbolise the immortal soul and the ephemerality of life. Not only does butterfly jewellery relay a beautiful message, it also looks very cute. Many people think of children when they think of butterflies but really, butterfly jewellery is not bound to an age. Look at this butterfly necklace for example. It can easily be worn by both young and old. Gift yourself this special message or surprise someone with butterfly jewellery. At My Jewellery, you’ll find lots of different types of butterfly jewellery. You’ll discover pieces from butterfly necklaces to some very beautiful butterfly earrings. The perfect butterfly is waiting for you.

A gorgeous butterfly necklace around your neck

Spread your wings! We just adore necklaces with butterflied. A butterfly necklace not only gives your look a feminine vibe, but it also looks really cute! It’s so easy to style this piece of jewellery. Think about a V-neck dress that would perfectly and elegantly showcase your necklace. It would be even nicer to style and layer your butterfly necklace with other single chains. In doing so you can create a dynamic look and the look will just have that extra touch thanks to the layering detail. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for a butterfly necklace in gold or silver, because we’ve got them all! We are confident you will find the perfect butterfly.

Butterfly jewellery for every season

Butterflies are often paired with spring & summer, but butterfly jewellery is not seasonally bound and is just as beautiful in autumn and winter. Butterfly jewellery works perfectly with any item of clothing you might think of. Whether you’re planning on wearing it with a skirt, jeans, or a cute dress, butterflies look great with all of it! You could experiment with butterfly jewellery as a real statement piece, but you could also match it with other subtle jewellery. More = more in this case! Try a classier look by combining butterfly earrings with another pair of beautiful drop earrings and pair it with the matching butterfly necklace. How cute! You can style it so many different ways with butterfly jewellery & they are ageless beauts. What is your favourite butterfly jewellery? 

Create your very own ear party with butterfly earrings

Butterfly earrings are officially the sweetest pieces of jewellery for getting your ear party started. You can either go full-blown butterfly vibes in keeping with the butterfly trend or you can keep it subtle by varying with other earrings. An example would be initial earrings, which would go perfectly with butterfly earrings, and we simply adore charm earrings! Whether you’re looking for butterfly studs or hoop earrings with a butterfly charm, at My Jewellery you won’t be disappointed.