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Trendy chain necklaces

TREND ALERT! Chain necklaces are the ultimate trend that we simply can’t ever imagine not having and here at My Jewellery, we adore it! These chunky, striking necklaces are hot & happening. Lucky for you, My Jewellery has a wonderful selection of these beauties. Whether you’re looking for a large chain, a flat chain or a chunky silver chain, we’ve got it all! You might not be convinced of the chunky chain trend, but trust us when we say you won’t regret it! You might not think it, but the chunky and robust look actually looks beautiful with any outfit. We’re seeing more and more women embrace the look! Not a huge fan of bulky chains? We also have a wide range of thin & small link chain necklaces. Thinking of making your necklace more exciting? Then add on a few charms to your necklace. That’s one of the reasons for having a chain necklace! Pick out some charms that best suit you. Mix & match to your heart’s content!

Chain necklaces in gold and silver

The wonderful thing about jewellery from My Jewellery is that it is almost all available in both gold and silver. This way, there’ll always be options and you can easily switch them up with your other jewellery. Will you try our current bestsellers, the chunky initial chain necklace or the toggle clasp necklace? Or would you rather a delicate chain necklace? The choice is yours! It’s clear that you need a chain necklace for your jewellery stash. Are you having trouble deciding which colour jewellery would best suit you? We’ve got your back! Have you got brown eyes and golden tones in your hair? Then your skin probably has a warmer undertone and so we suggest you go with gold. Are your eyes green or blue and have you got cooler ash tones in your hair? Then most likely your skin has a cooler undertone and so a silver chain necklace would look stunning on you. Expand your jewellery stash with a few beautiful items in your favourite colour. That said, it’s more important that you wear what you think looks beautiful. Your confidence will make you shine!

Style your chain necklace

Have you found your favourite chain necklace, but are clueless as how to style it best? My Jewellery can help you out! Chain necklaces can actually be worn with any clothing. Whether you’re wearing jeans, a dress or a blouse. Anything goes. When wearing a dress with your chain necklace, layer various chain necklaces together. We love it! Make sure the lengths and types vary to get the full package. Is it a jeans and top kind of day? Try styling various chunky items of jewellery for full effect. The chunkier, the better! The great thing about chain jewellery is that it’s a timeless style that you can wear in so many different ways. Want to spice it up some more? Add a cute scrunchie and mix and match your necklace with a chain bracelet that goes with it. Another look we simply adore is chain necklaces styled with loose necklaces. Just imagine; a few subtle necklaces with your striking chunky necklace. Such a great look. Try out different lengths so that the necklaces don't cover each other. You’ll be able to create the ultimate necklace party that you can enjoy day in, day out! What chain necklaces will you be getting your hands on to create a beautiful necklace party?

The finest chain necklaces for women

Chain necklaces aren't just for wearing with cool outfits. Chain necklaces can easily be styled with absolutely anything. For instance, a flat chain necklace works beautifully with a V-neck dress and a chunky chain looks great styled with a boat neck top. Still not convinced about chain necklaces? Then how about a gorgeous chain bracelet. This line of chain jewellery is a real eye-catcher and would look great on your wrist. A stainless steel necklace is the ultimate piece of jewellery that will last for years. Stainless steel jewellery doesn’t discolour and so can be worn as long as you like. A win-win situation if you ask us! Did you know that a chain necklace is a great gift for her? As we have a wide selection of chain necklaces, there’s something for everyone! If, despite the huge selection, you still can’t pick something, you can always exchange the chain necklace for another item. Happy shopping & gifting!