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Buy a 100% cotton face mask

Face masks have become the flavour of the month. Due to the virus, it’s mandatory to wear a 100% cotton face mask when travelling, or when you find yourself in an area where social distancing cannot be maintained, like in aeroplanes. That also includes public spaces such as for education, contact professions and museums. Since we all have to wear a face mask these days, we might as well look trendy and fashionable while we do! That's why we have a huge range of women's face masks at My Jewellery for you to choose from. With a 100% cotton mouthmask, you’ll not only protect yourself, but others as well. When you wear a face mask, others are less likely to be infected if you happen to be carrying a virus. The great thing about My Jewellery face masks is that you can reuse them. In this way, you’re being both mindful of the environment & the spread of the virus. A win-win! Make sure you always have a face mask in your pocket, so you can always put it on when you are in a public place. Wash your hands, take care of yourself & stay safe!

Fashionable & safe with a face mask

At first, you might be a little annoyed about having to wear a face mask, but wearing one can also be really fashionable. My Jewellery has face masks in a host of different colours & prints. How cool is it to match a face mask with your outfit? Are you totally into black and do you like busy prints? Then go for a black face mask. Are you wearing an outfit in one solid colour, like pink? Then wear a pink mouthmask so your outfit matches, making your overall look even better! When you wear a more subtle outfit, it looks good when you wear a mouthmask with a busy print. Then go for a face mask with hearts, flowers, or a face mask with glitter. Whether you go for a pink, black or a face mask with a print, you’ll always find the one that’ll match your outfit! Want to buy a face mask? Then you've come to the right place at My Jewellery. Would you like to save some money? Then go for a set of face masks! We also have sets that contain 2 or 3 mouthmasks at an excellent price. 

Wear a face mask

100% cotton face masks filter the air you exhale. These masks are meant to prevent you from infecting others, they’re not meant to prevent you from falling ill. Non-surgical masks do not filter the air you breathe in. Face masks that filter the air you breathe in are meant for healthcare professionals and My Jewellery does not sell them. You can buy a face mask online on My Jewellery’s website or you can also buy them in one of our boutiques. We have the most beautiful face masks in all kinds of colours and patterns, from lilac to a print. Shop your favourite washable face mask online now & stay safe!

Note: You don’t just wear a face mask over your mouth, you also have to cover your nose. You should wash a face mask at a minimum of 60 degrees or boil it briefly in a pot. Besides wearing a face mask, it is important to wash your hands frequently and thoroughly. That’s how we can all work together to prevent the spread of the virus. For the most recent and reliable information on the virus, please refer to the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment. #Stay safe with My Jewellery!

New in: trendy face mask pouch

Do you hate dragging your face mask around with you too? More often than not they get lost somewhere in your bag, in your car, or around your house. At My Jewellery, we have come up with the solution, the face mask pouch. An easy, hygienic and fashionable place to keep your face masks! The face mask pouches come in different prints: go for the pink, floral, leopard print or the black face mask pouch. These face mask pouches also include 10 black disposable mouthmasks. That way, you can store your disposable face masks in the most fashionable way. Will you go for a single face mask, a face mask set or mouthmask pouch? The choices are limitless! Happy shopping!

  • Can you wash a face mask? If so, how?

    Yes, you can wash a face mask. The filter and the mouthmask should both be washed at 60 degrees before reuse.
  • How do you use the filter?

    All of our face masks come with a removable filter. You can remove the filter for washing and reinsert before using the face mask again. Easy!
  • Can you wash the filter too?

    Yes, you can wash the filter separately. The filter should be washed at 60 degrees.
    • How do My Jewellery’s face masks sit?

      Our face masks are one-size-fits-all and are produced according to EU standards. They therefore have the same dimensions as other mouthmasks (the dimensions can be found in the product description). We use a different type of elastic, which is slightly more flexible. Would you like your mouthmask to be a little bit tighter? Tie a knot in the two strings so that the mouthmask sits just a little bit tighter on your face.
    • I wear glasses. Will the My Jewellery face mask make my glasses fog up?

      Mouthmasks and glasses do not always work too well together! For those who wear glasses, we have come up with some handy pointers to prevent your glasses from fogging up:
      1. Move the face mask a bit further up your nose and press your glasses down a little, so that the bridge of your glasses falls just over the edge of the face mask and touches it. This reduces the amount of air passing through underneath and prevents them from fogging up.
      2. Are your glasses still fogging up? Tie a knot in both strings so that your face mask sits just a little tighter across your face and voilà, your glasses will stop fogging up!