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Gift Finder

The Gift Finder: step by step

The Gift Finder is an absolute godsend if you ask us! Gifting a gift card is a last resort because we love putting more thought and effort into picking out a gift. Finding the right gift isn’t always easy, which is why the Gift Finder is just what you need! Within 3 steps you will have found the perfect gift for her. You can even share the results, that way you can be certain that you’ll get the one gift you really want! Once you, or a loved one, has filled out the gift finder questions, the gifts will be filtered in such a way that only the most relevant gifts remain. Step 1: select who you’re filling the Gift Finder out for: yourself, or a loved one. If you’re looking to buy a gift for someone else your first step will be to specify who you’re buying for. This could be a gift for your mother, grandma or best friend, lover, sister or daughter. If, however, you’ve been sent the link by a loved one to find out your desired gifts, your first step is to specify what kind of gift you’re looking for. This will be step 2 when looking for someone else’s perfect gift. Your choices here are jewellery, beauty, accessories, or a mix of everything. The next step is to define your (or a loved one’s) personal style. This could range from preppy to edgy, feminine to classy, but don’t worry if you’re not entirely sure because the results will give you a great indication of possible gifts. If you’re looking for the perfect jewellery gift you’ll be asked a few more specific questions regarding jewellery colour and style preference. So there you go, in just a few easy questions the Gift Finder will come up with a number of suitable gift options for everyone and every occasion! 

Perfect gifts for every budget with the Gift Finder

The Gift Finder looks for the right gift based on all of your wishes. Whether you are working with a big or small budget, we can guarantee that the lucky recipient will love their gift. Because we firmly believe the thought is what counts when it comes to gifting, so a great gift doesn't need to cost a lot of money to be super special. The Gift Finder simply chooses the best of the best, and the items that will most suit the desired criteria. It doesn’t matter if the budget is big or small because there is so much to choose from. My Jewellery has a beautiful selection of budget-friendly gifts, so you don’t need to worry about your spending when looking for a good gift! Once you have entered all of your wishes, the Gift Finder will show you perfect options that are budget-friendly and perfect for the person you are looking for. Once the page has opened up, take a moment to look through the options. Is your budget a little bigger? Shop more than one gift with the Gift Finder.

Gift inspiration with the Gift Finder

Once the Gift Finder questions have been answered, you will be guided to a full page of gift inspiration where you’ll find all kinds of items that meet your gift criteria. Not only does the Gift Finder specify gifts based on budget, it also looks at who you’re buying a gift for and which category the product falls under. The Gift Finder creates the gift inspiration page based on the answers you give to set questions. The Gift Finder produces a full page of various options. Each item shares something in common with the others, namely they meet all your wishes! The gift inspiration page is produced in such a way that it’s still you finding the gift, we simply narrow down the choices as much as we can. You still get the honour of picking out the perfect gift. On the gift page you can easily pick out the ideal gift for your daughter, lover or sister. The Gift Finder has been created to make gift finding easier, with the rest left up to you! Have you still not found the perfect gift, despite the Gift Finder? Fill out the gift finder questions again and maybe change some of the answers a little to see some refreshed outcomes! And who knows? You might just find the perfect gift with the Gift Finder this time around.

The perfect gift for every occasion 

If you think the Gift Finder is a great idea, but you genuinely have a hard time picking out gifts, why not take a look at our gift sets?! The gift sets are so well put together that you won’t even need the Gift Finder anymore. If you have used the Gift Finder and you have selected the perfect gift, don't get too excited yet. You’re still not ready. There's more to consider. You might like to add a finishing touch, like getting some nice gift packaging combined with a cute card! If you’re looking for the perfect gift ideas for a birthday gift, special occasion, Christmas gifts, Secret Santa or Valentine’s Day, then the Gift Finder is just the thing for you. The Gift Finder never lets you down and goes the extra mile to find everything suitable for you. The Gift Finder is also a great way to step outside your comfort zone and let it work its magic. In doing so, you might find something that you would otherwise never have thought to pick out yourself. Sometimes it’s time to switch things up a little and the gift finder is the perfect way to do that! Happy gifting.