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  1. Heart-shaped wallet | My Jewellery
    Heart-shaped wallet
    Special Price €6.50 Regular Price €12.99
  2. Lichtpaarse pasjeshouder met croco design | My Jewellery
    Light purple crocodile print card holder
  3. Fuchsia pasjeshouder met croco design | My Jewellery
    Fuchsia crocodile print card holder
  4. Oranje pasjeshouder met croco design | My Jewellery
    Orange crocodile print card holder
    Special Price €5.00 Regular Price €9.99

The perfect on-trend purses

My Jewellery is going along with the hottest purse trends too. You’ll find the most beautiful purses in our accessories collection, ranging from small to large and in different prints that exactly match your personal taste. Your purse should be an addition to your wardrobe, and that’s why we have something for everyone at My Jewellery. Style your purse with a matching bag or belt and your outfit will be totally trendy and fit for every occasion. A purse isn’t merely a vital accessory, it’s also a really nice one that’s fabulous for matching with your outfit. Trends change fast though! That big woman´s purse is so last year, it´s card holders now! However, it's entirely up to you what you go for. Will you go for a busy purse, basic purse, or perhaps even both so that you can chop and change every day with a fashionable purse?

An absolute must-have: a purse

We ladies can’t do without our purses. This might just be the most important fashion accessory that you use on a daily basis and that you take everywhere you go. That’s why it’s important that your purse matches your style and outfit. If you choose a purse with a print, style it with a basic outfit, or vice versa, a basic purse with a busy outfit. A purse is perhaps the most personal item in your wardrobe because you keep all your cards, loyalty cards, money, and much more in it. Our purses are usually filled with up to 100 cards, so choose a large purse. Alternatively, if you only have cards, you might as well choose a super fashionable card holder. In our assortment of purses, you will always find the perfect match because of the different types, sizes, prints and colours. So, check out our range and shop now!

A purse as a gift

Fancy surprising someone with a beautiful ladies’ purse? Shop for the perfect purse for your girlfriend, sister or mother with a gift box with it from My Jewellery and you’ll have the perfect gift for her. Wherever and whoever you are, everyone needs a purse. That's why this is such an essential accessory that’s super fun to gift as a present. It’s a lot of fun mixing and matching your purses for the perfect outfit. So why not try our leather cardholder with crocodile print in green, pink or white? We often see this leather crocodile print in bags, bag straps and belts. How cute is that! Still after a larger purse? Then check out the purse with yellow stars. One thing’s for sure, every purse will finish off your fashion outfit. Another, lovely thing is a small glittery woman’s purse. You can keep these in a bigger purse, so all your money and cards will stay together in one place, very convenient! 

Wallets for every outfit

A purse can also be the eye-catcher of your outfit. Do you have a striking trendy woman’s wallet? So, you’ll know that you can always show it off with pride. And if you want to complete your wardrobe, choose a matching bag in the same print. The crocodile print is totally hot & happening and an absolute must-have in your wardrobe for perfect combining. My Jewellery offers more than enough options for you to find the perfect purse to go with your personal style. We also have other accessories for you to discover at My Jewellery. For example, bags, belts and jewellery. So be sure to check out the trendiest jewellery and style it with the hottest purses. Take a quick look at My Jewellery to find the perfect purse to suit your style and needs. And if you don’t know which purse to buy, please visit one of our boutiques for some personal advice!