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  1. Oranje pasjeshouder met croco design | My Jewellery
    Orange crocodile print card holder
    Special Price €5.00 Regular Price €9.99
  2. Fuchsia pasjeshouder met croco design | My Jewellery
    Fuchsia crocodile print card holder
  3. Lichtpaarse pasjeshouder met croco design | My Jewellery
    Light purple crocodile print card holder
  4. Fel blauwe pasjeshouder met croco design | My Jewellery
    Turquoise crocodile print card holder
    Special Price €5.00 Regular Price €9.99

Card holders: the purse for her

Card holders are the must-haves for the future, especially since we’ve started carrying less around with us and our bags are getting smaller. How handy is a card holder?! A card holder is a small sized purse that is meant for all your important cards. Since a cardholder is so small and fits in every bag, there’s enough space left for your other stuff. Now you don't have to carry a handbag anymore and all your important cards will fit in your shoulder bag! Style your card holders with your bags by going for the same colour or print. This way, you can keep on mixing and matching with other card holders. How did card holders become totally on-trend? Well, most payments are done through debit cards nowadays. Everything revolves around cards. We tend to have lots of them, so that huge purse is a thing of the past. This is a trend you can't miss! So, shop at My Jewellery now. 

The benefits of a card wallet

A card holder isn’t just great when you have a lot of cards to store. They’re well-organised too, with all your important cards in one place. Your cards will be properly protected against bending, breaking, and loss. Who hasn’t had to deal with that hassle? All that extra stuff in your purse that you never use. Spare change, extra receipts, expired cards, and all the rest of those things. It’s a shame because you carry it around with you every day and you don't need to. Only put the cards you use every day in the cardholder and you’ll have a well-organised day. A card holder’s main advantage is its size. They’re really thin and small, so they can easily fit in your pocket and you don't always have to carry a bag with you. Nothing but pros, so buy your card holder now and enjoy it for years to come! 

Card holder for all your cards

Card holders come in all kinds of different colours, sizes and prints, but which one is for you? Choose your card holder based on your personal style. Will it be a card holder with a busy print, in a vibrant colour, or a neutral one that goes with every outfit and every bag? A card holder is really convenient too. You don't have to keep looking for your bank card at the cash till, you can just pull it out! After all, we all carry a whole bunch of cards with us, like bank cards, loyalty cards, ID cards, and so on. These are valuable cards and should be stored carefully. So shop a My Jewellery card holder now. Put together a whole collection so that you can vary your card holders according to your style and outfit. What about, for example, going for a green card holder or a purple card holder? What are you waiting for?

My Jewellery card holder

A card holder is the perfect storage option for all your credit cards and documents. My Jewellery card holders are real eye-catchers and even let you pay in style. They are handy, fashionable, and available in different designs. They aren’t just fun to have around, they keep your important belongings safe too. The card holders with the crocodile print are totally hot & happening. Also check out the green, purple and white cardholders. Buy your acquisition for your handbag and organize all your cards. At My Jewellery, you’ll find a wide range of cardholders, so take a look and choose your favourite accessory! Looking for a nice present for your girlfriend, sister, or someone else? Then a card holder may be just the gift for her!