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  1. Shaping tights set 20 den
    Shaping tights set 20 den
    As low as €12.99
  2. Polka dot tights 40 den
    Polka dot tights 40 den
    As low as €12.99
  3. 40 den tights set
    40 den tights set
    As low as €12.99
  4. 20 den tights set
    20 den tights set
    As low as €12.99
  5. Shaping tights set 40 den
    Shaping tights set 40 den
    As low as €12.99

Choose your pantyhose at My Jewellery

Looking for a pair of pantyhose? Look no further! At My Jewellery we have different types of tights: from regular black pantyhose to trendy pantyhose with polka dots. There´s bound to be something in our collection for you too! Tights are an absolute must-have in autumn, winter, and during the party season. You can simply keep wearing the same skirts and dresses! Alternatively, you could go for a new Winter dress. Either way, it's nice to be able to keep your legs a bit warmer, and that´s where a pair of pantyhose comes in handy. Choose your favourite pantyhose and keep your legs warm when it gets cold!

A fitting pair of pantyhose for any occasion

Do you know that feeling? You’re standing in front of your wardrobe and you realise you don´t have any pantyhose? We do too! That’s why you can never have enough tights of all different types. You don´t just have to have standard 20 den black pantyhose in your wardrobe because it’s fun to keep changing patterns too. A standard pair of pantyhose is nice if you are wearing a dress or a top with a busy print. Pantyhose with a leopard print or a pair of pantyhose with hearts look great if you’re wearing a calmer outfit. So, you can always switch up your outfits! Prefer them less transparent? Go for a pair of 40 den black pantyhose. Trendy pantyhose will come in handy for the new party season as well. St. Nicholas, Xmas, New Year… reasons aplenty to stock up on tights. One pair especially for you at the Xmas dinner table, and one pair for ringing in the New Year with your friends! Style your party outfit now with a pair of our pantyhose and be sure to have a complete outfit to get you through the festive season. 

Your perfect party pantyhose

St. Nicholas, Xmas, New Year… it’s party time again! That means stocking up on pantyhose because we always need a bunch of them for this time of year. A pair for Xmas dinner, and a pair for ringing in the New Year! Style your party outfit with a pair of our pantyhose now and be sure to have a complete outfit for getting through the party season. What do you think of these pantyhose with stars or pantyhose with silver glitters? Absolutely gorgeous for the festive season! Need more pantyhose inspiration? Then check out our party collection and choose a matching pair of pantyhose to make it through the last month of the year in style. My Jewellery is ready for you!

Tips for pantyhose!

My Jewellery pantyhose are made of 80% polyamide and 20% elastane. Our pantyhose are woven using a special method so that they fit nicely and go back into shape when you take them off. In other words, a tough pair of pantyhose! That said, you still have to take care when you pull them on. After all, you don´t want them to get caught on your nails and end up with ladders. Having difficulty choosing the right size? View our pantyhose size table to determine the right size for you. Need to wash your pantyhose? You certainly can! We recommend placing them in a wash bag and washing them on a programme at 30 degrees. This way, no sharp objects can damage them and they won’t shrink. Pantyhose are also not suitable for the tumble dryer. Do you know that we designed the prints for our own pantyhose and that you won’t find them anywhere else?! Pantyhose can only be returned if they are still sealed in the packaging. Got any more questions about My Jewellery pantyhose? Our customer service is ready to help you!