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  1. Off-white kimono jacket with pattern
    Off-white kimono jacket with pattern
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    Beige embroidered boho jacket
  3. Beige corduroy jacket with chest pockets
    Beige corduroy jacket with chest pockets
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Summer proof in a summer jacket from My Jewellery

Summer has arrived! Time and again we hope that we can leave the summer jacket at home. Unfortunately, the summer in our little country is anything but warm. Tropical temperatures, clear blue skies and heat waves are out of the question, except for a few summery days. A women’s summer jacket is therefore an absolute essential! You know when it’s not yet warm enough to go outside without a coat, but it’s just too warm to put on your thick winter coat? Go for one of our on-trend women’s summer jackets! A women’s summer jacket is perfect to protect you from that chilly summer breeze and the cool summer evenings. The summer jackets are all designed according to the latest trends. This ensures a fashionable look with your summer jacket from My Jewellery. Think of cute summer jackets in natural colours, beautiful prints and on-trend models. A women’s summer jacket can be easily recognised by its thin fabric, combined with a nice bright colour. Can you picture it already? Sitting on a blanket, watching the sunset, enjoying a drink, good company, the sound of the sea and your sun kissed skin hidden under your warm summer jacket. That’s the life! At My Jewellery, you’ll find exactly the women’s summer jacket you're looking for, in every style, size or type. You name it, we have it. Get on-trend with a women’s summer jacket from My Jewellery!

How to style your women’s summer jacket

A women’s summer jacket is perfect to wear over your summer clothes. A women’s summer jacket is nice and thin, but still offers enough cosiness and comfort. My Jewellery’s summer jackets are available in the most typical summer colours, which makes them a perfect match for your summer outfit. Match your summer jacket with your summer outfit by repeating certain colours or elements, so that it becomes a complete look. Women’s summer jackets are all about colour, prints & trends. Do you want to give your summer look an edgy touch? Then go for a coarser summer jacket in a dark colour. Wear it with jeans and a T-shirt or top, add some chunky boots and an edgy belt and you’ll be ready to rock the day! Even if you’re more into classy, feminine looks, a summer coat for women is totally accessible to all kinds of styles. Think of a nice pastel coloured summer jacket, with lots of subtle details, worn with a gilet, skirt or summer dress. If you’re more into basics, a neutral coloured summer jacket is the real deal for you! A women’s summer jacket in a muted colour can be combined with anything, so it’s super easy. With a basic women’s summer jacket, you often don’t even realise it's a real jacket. Combine a summer jacket with a nice pair of flared trousers and a blouse, a bit like a blazer, and you’re totally casual chic! With a women’s summer jacket from My Jewellery you can create any look!

Indoor & outdoor: wear a women’s summer jacket anywhere!

A women's summer jacket is a real must-have for summer. When you head out in the morning on a summer’s day, it can still be chilly. Put on your summer jacket and you’ll be good to go. Often the summer days are not as tropical as we dreamt of - temperatures are often disappointing and it’s better to be safe than sorry! Whether you are going to the beach for the day or going out for a night on the town, a summer jacket is always useful, as it gets really cool in the evening and there is always a strong wind at the beach. A big advantage of a women’s summer jacket is that you don't have to wear it only in summer. This makes a summer jacket worth twice your money and you can have twice the fun with it. Heart eyes! In the winter or in between, when you don't know what to wear, a summer jacket is perfect. A women’s summer jacket is often made of a thinner fabric, so you can layer it. Your summer jacket will become part of your outfit. Wear your spring jacket or winter jacket over your summer jacket and you'll be ready for the day! This way you’ll never have to pack your women’s summer jacket away. Do you want to be the first to shine in the latest summer jackets from My Jewellery? Shop for a trendy women’s summer jacket and you won’t regret it!

Women’s summer jacket trends

Women’s summer jackets are trending! A women's summer jacket should of course offer a lot of comfort and function well. Besides the practical part of a summer jacket, from a feminine perspective, it should also have a nice fashionable touch. To help you on your way, we have put together a list of trends for women’s summer jackets! The classic trench coat trend is one of our favourite summer jackets. It's an airy, light and waterproof (always applicable in the Netherlands) summer jacket. With this fashion item you can survive the summer! Denim and leather are also totally on-trend. A summer jacket with these elements is a winner. Denim or leather summer jackets are quite timeless, so you can enjoy your summer jacket for years! The teddy jacket trend is back and is here to stay. the soft fluffy coat can’t be missed on this list! Make sure you choose a teddy jacket with a light / thin lining, otherwise you'll end up sweating in your summer jacket. The puffer jacket is also a favourite. The puffy design of the summer jacket speaks for itself and lends a playful touch to your outfit. This women’s summer jacket is available in the most vibrant colours and gives us all happy vibes! This puffy jacket does not have a distinctive design, which makes it quite unique. The most important thing is that you go for a summer jacket that suits you. When you feel good in your outfit, you will radiate this.