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  1. Black sweater dress with text
    Black sweater dress with text
    As low as €45.99 Regular Price €45.99
  2. Black fringed sweater dress with studs
    Black fringed sweater dress with studs

Styling sweater dresses 

There are many different ways in which you can style jumper dresses. If you like matching an edgy element with a feminine piece of clothing then it will look good when you wear a belt around your waist for an extra cool detail. You could even choose a (faux) leather belt to create a cool look. Are you more into a feminine type of look? Then you can never go wrong with cinching your waist and creating an hourglass figure. When you’re planning on stepping out the door for the day then put on a pair of thick tights, put on a cute headband just like Blair Waldorf would and you’re ready to get your day started in a comfortable & stylish way. The great thing about jumper dresses is that they are timeless which means that the styling possibilities are endless when it comes to pairing them with other accessories and jewellery. So whatever the occasion is you can style away all day and you’ll surely have an on-trend look on your hands in no time. When you want to create a more stand out moment then try styling your jumper dress together with some statement earrings and you’re ready to steal the show! If you want your look to be a little bit more toned down then try styling your jumper dresses together with some of our on-trend minimalist earrings. These subtle pieces of jewellery will put a finishing touch on your outfit without making it feel like you’re being a bit extra. Whether you want to go for a more outspoken and extra look or whether you’re going for a more toned down version we offer all kinds of pieces that will match your personality. Will we get to see you in one of our on-trend jumper dresses soon?  

On-trend jumper dresses at My Jewellery

Looking for on-trend jumper dresses for a great price? At My Jewellery you’re at the right place! We love wearing dresses all year round, however a dress can be hard to wear when it’s getting cold. Luckily, we’ve found the perfect solution to this problem. Jumper dresses! These timeless dresses are super warm & comfy and are made of a sturdy yet stretchy fabric. At My Jewellery we have a wide style variety of different jumper dresses, you’ll see that out of all  jumper dresses you’ll definitely find one that will look good on you! What will your fall/winter fit look like? Jumper dresses can be worn when you’re working from home or throw one of our stylish jumper dresses when you’re going out! Splurge a little bit and make sure you’re 100% ready to brave the cold, wearing jumper dresses!

Different types of jumper dresses

At My Jewellery you can shop jumper dresses that come in different lengths, colours and designs. Are you on the fence whether or not you should be wearing a short dress or wrap dress during the colder months? No need to worry because we also offer multiple long dresses and long-sleeved dresses! But we also offer a wide range of fall dresses So whether you’ll be going for a short or long jumper dress style is completely up to you! Finish styling your jumper dresses with some tights and add some jewellery to complete your look. We have a wide range of various rings, earrings, necklaces & bracelets which will put an unique & bold twist on your outfit! Prefer keeping things more basic? Then go for one of our basic jumper dresses and finish off styling your look with some basic jewellery and you’re good to go! Maybe step out of your comfort zone a little bit and go for a short jumper dress with some more details. At My Jewellery we have a wide range of jumper dresses that contain ruffles, studs, zippers or a mix of all of these elements. Whether you’re going for a cool, feminine or more basic look we’ve got your back!

Comfy & stylish jumper dresses

Jumper dresses are a perfect combination of comfort and style, and this piece is exactly what your wardrobe needs during the winter and autumn season. Isn’t it great that you only need one item to create a fashionable and on-trend look? Jumper dresses will always be in style since they’re so timeless and can be styled in all different kinds of ways. From basic to classy or from cool to feminine a jumper dress can do it all! For example, you could style your jumper dress with a pair of over-the-knee boots to create a very feminine look. Alternatively, for an edgy look you could style your jumper dress together with some biker boots. For a casual look on the other hand just grab a pair of trainers & you’re ready to start off your day! Jumper dresses will keep you warm during the winter and can be styled together with our jewellery & accessories to create your own unique outfit moment. Pairing your jumper dress together with some tights will keep your legs a little warmer during the cold days. This on-trend piece of clothing definitely is a must-have for your current wardrobe!