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A women’s suit for everyone

Women’s suits are for the business, feminine, cool and comfy girls. Most people’s first thought when they think of a woman’s suit is formal clothing, but there are so many more possibilities. Take a red woman’s suit, for example, that’s made of polyester for a silky fit. Or a two-piece woman’s suit in a cute colour to style as a coordinated set. You can also wear your denim or black skirt with a matching blazer and create a nice suit that way. Women’s suits are for everyone. If you don’t have a suit yet, why not give it a try? If you have a classy woman’s suit in your wardrobe, you’ll be ready for all four seasons. Suits for women are so popular because they really do give your outfit a proper boost. You don’t need to worry about mixing and matching because you’ll always look fantastic. It goes without saying that you have to finish off that classy look by adding some stylish jewellery to it. After that, you will be totally ready to go!

Feel like a power woman in a two-piece suit

Suits for women are the perfect trendy item for those power women walking among us. Women’s suits are available in a variety of colours and materials, so you as a power woman have plenty to choose from. You can of course style different women’s suits together, or wear them on their own. That way you create a clothing set of multiple outfits. How great is that? Are you more inclined to go for a basic colour? Then take a step out of your comfort zone and go for a woman’s suit in a striking colour. Style that two-piece suit with a nice lace top, some jewellery, and a pair of high heels to create an absolutely classic outfit. Would you rather give your outfit a cooler touch? Then wear a basic shirt under your woman’s suit and instead of high heels grab a pair of cool sneakers. Shop your own woman’s power suit by mixing and matching or check out whether a two-piece suit is for you. Has this set opened your eyes? Then there are plenty of other cute suits for women just waiting for you to try.

A comfy woman’s suit

After a hard day’s night of work or study, you probably like to get out of that suit and unwind on the sofa in a comfy woman’s suit. Ideally a two-piece suit that isn’t just comfortable, but fashionable too. By choosing a matching top or hoodie and trousers, you can create the look that you want. As far as we are concerned, a comfy woman’s suit is an item that every woman should have in her wardrobe. Put your hair through a scrunchie, slip into a comfy woman’s suit, a nice cuppa and you’re ready for a night of Netflix and lounging on the couch. Take a look at our Chapter Home collection too. That’s where you can style a comfy woman’s suit with your favourite accessories and really treat yourself. My Jewellery is the place to buy a woman’s suit. Order your favourite woman’s suit online or drop by at one of our boutiques. You’ll be walking around completely on-trend in your very own woman’s suit in no time!

Styling your woman’s suit

After you have put your cool denim, feminine pastel, classy business, or basic comfy woman’s suit together, you can start mixing & matching! Why not wear stainless steel jewellery that you don’t have to take off with a woman’s suit? This jewellery doesn't discolour, meaning you can keep it on all day. Combine the black structured kimono and matching flared trousers with some striking jewellery. This kind of jewellery gives your look that finishing touch if you’re wearing a calmer suit. Go for a pair of statement earrings (our special tip: oval earrings with black rhinestones are a match!) and some chain jewellery, making them the standout elements of your look. The lilac mom jeans are great for styling with a white T-shirt and a pair of sneakers. It goes without saying that no feminine look is ever complete without a matching bag, or finish it off with a scrunchie or face mask. It’s your choice. The options with My Jewellery women’s suits are endless, so shop now!