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Jewellery materials

My Jewellery encourages everyone to cherish the little things in life and celebrate every moment. Of course, the only way to do so is by creating jewellery pieces that are made to last to give you endless joy and happiness. That is why we use premium stainless steel, which is a waterproof material with many advantages! We’ve listed the advantages for you.

The most important advantage of premium stainless steel is that it won’t tarnish or scratch easily, and it has a beautiful shiny finish. Taking showers, doing sports, taking a dip in the sea during one of your travels; none of these activities will affect your precious jewellery pieces. With premium stainless steel jewellery, you can take on the world! We do advise you to clean premium stainless steel jewellery every once in a while. 

 Tip! Use jewellery organisers to store your jewellery, your items will last even longer and it will become so much easier to notice the missing jewellery pieces in your ring, arm, ear or necklace party!