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Heart necklace

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On-trend heart necklaces at My Jewellery

Spread the love! At My Jewellery we offer a beautiful range of necklaces with hearts. Whether you’re looking for subtle heart necklaces or more statement heart necklaces, and every kind of heart necklace in between we've got it all! Our heart necklaces are for everyone. So, whatever your style, we're sure there's a heart necklace for you too. Whether you go for classy, feminine, basic or edgy, at My Jewellery there will always be a necklace with hearts to suit your style. All My Jewellery’s heart necklaces are made of premium stainless steel, which means that both our  silver necklaces with hearts and our  gold necklaces with hearts are 100% waterproof and won’t tarnish! Perfect, right?! In short, there’s no end to the fun that you’ll have with your heart necklaces. Go for a swim, take a shower and do the dishes while wearing your favourite heart necklaces and you’ll know they’ll come out looking as good as new. You’ll never have to take a My Jewellery heart necklace off, which means you can cherish it for years to come. What more could you ask for when it’s a heart necklace that has come from the heart? We are in love with our heart necklaces, what about you? Whether shopping for a heart necklace in spring or fall, our necklaces with hearts are always a lovely piece of jewellery. Plus, heart necklaces are versatile too! Our heart necklaces come in a variety of styles such as chunky chain necklaces with hearts and minimalist necklaces with hearts, so we’ve truly got something for everyone.

How to style a necklace with hearts

Heart necklaces look super cute styled with all kinds of other  necklaces. So why not finish off your necklace party with a heart necklace! Simply shop a necklace with hearts in the same colour as your other necklaces and your heart necklace will perfectly blend in with the rest of the look. Why not go for some  minimalist necklaces and a heart necklace, that’ll really make your heart necklace stand out and turn it into a real eye catcher. Prefer a more statement necklace party? Then go for chunkier necklaces like  chain necklaces and  necklaces with pendants. Style them with your heart necklace and your necklace party is ready! Wear your heart necklace with a turtleneck or a top with a deep V-neck to really bring out your heart necklace! Mix and match with different necklaces and go for the necklace party that suits you best. To complete your look, why not match your heart necklace with a pair of  heart earrings and a  heart bracelet. Shop different pieces of  heart jewellery at My Jewellery and get on-trend! If you’re not into full-on necklace parties, don’t worry, because our heart necklaces look equally beautiful on their own. We promise your heart necklace is never boring! A heart necklace will always stand out because it has such beautiful subtle details, so you don’t need a lot to make your heart necklace take centre stage. So, our tip? A gorgeous heart necklace will always be the first step to a great outfit. Heart necklaces simply are the way forward, so get ready to shop for your fave heart necklaces now. Have you not spotted your favourite heart necklace yet? Check out our range of necklaces with hearts online or at our boutiques, and you’ll be rocking your heart necklaces in no time!