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My Jewellery started out as a female-led, family-run business with great ambition & passion. Along the journey to who we are today we’ve learnt from many people and know the importance of taking care of those close to us. We firmly believe that we can achieve a lot more together than alone, and that everything we achieve as a company is thanks to the sparkling people that pour their love & power into building our brand.

We recognise that our responsibility for people extends far beyond our direct employees, as our production chain also employs thousands of people, often women. We believe that all employees who work on our products, whether directly or indirectly, should feel safe and valued. Wherever in the world they might be. That is why we are committed to monitoring the working conditions in our supply-chain and working together with our suppliers on necessary improvements. People keep our business running which is why we’ve defined three overarching goals to focus on:




A transparent and traceable production chain.

The fashion and accessories industry has a complex supply chain. In order to make an impact, we must first gain insight into our chain, only then will we be able to have an open dialogue with suppliers and work together on the necessary points for improvement. Due to the complexity of the production chain, we’re focussing on direct suppliers - tier-1 suppliers - first, as that's where we have the most influence. Once we've mapped out tier-1, we'll dig further. The long term goal is to have a 100% transparent and traceable supply-chain. This will help us identify and mitigate possible risks related to working conditions. 


Fair and safe working conditions in our production-chain.

We want everyone who works with, or on, our products to feel safe and valued, anywhere in the world. Although we outsource the production of our items to specialised manufacturers in the Far East and Turkey, we feel responsible for the people who work on them. We think it is important that this happens under good conditions. This is not self-evident in some production countries. 

That is why we only work with manufacturers who have signed our Code of Conduct. This code is based on the Amfori-BSCI code. By signing this code, suppliers declare to adhere to the agreements. These agreements include: standard working hours, a clean and safe workplace, no discrimination, a fair wage etc.

We have been a member of the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) since 2021. This is an initiative of companies committed to improving conditions in their global supply chain. This is checked against points defined by BSCI and also included in our code of conduct. These points are checked by means of independent checks, also known as audits. The following points are checked during an audit:

Freedom of association and collective bargaining   •
Fair wages   •
Employee Health and Safety   •
Special protection for young workers   •
No forced labour   •
Ethical Business Conduct   •
No discrimination   •
Decent working hours   •
No child labour   •
No insecure employment   •
Environmental protection   •

We realise that audits are a reflection of the working conditions at a particular time, on a particular day. That may be different a day later. In the near future we want to give all employees in the factories access to a complaints mechanism. When rights are being violated, they can then use a helpline. In this way, we can detect abuses and work on remediation and prevention together with relevant stakeholders.

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Good employership with attention to each individual.

Closer to home, we are responsible for more than 600 direct employees, in our stores, in our warehouse and at our head office. We value energised and committed employees.

That is why we offer a varied lunch every day at our head office, with a focus on vegetarian dishes. In addition, there are crates filled with fruit all over the office to grab. On Wednesday evenings, we offer our colleagues the opportunity to workout at a nearby sports field during a one-hour bootcamp accompanied by a personal trainer. This contributes to a lower absenteeism percentage and energised employees. We also think it is important that there is room for personal growth and development. We support this through online platforms and individual- and team development processes.

Diversity and inclusivity are also high on our agenda. We want everyone to feel welcome at My Jewellery. As a customer or as an employee. We are proud to say that 62% of our management team is female. ‘Who run the world?’