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We strive for high quality products for an affordable price, and the product is always at the heart of our business, but at the same time, we can only create meaningful moments if we consider people and planet product improvements. We do realise that the manufacturing of our products and the journey they take have a huge impact on our planet, so with every step we take, we promise to consciously consider how to make better choices.



Goal 1

To put products on the market that are responsible and safe for both producers and end-consumers. 

Chemicals are often needed for the production of clothing and jewellery, for example: to grow raw materials or to guarantee long-term quality. We want all substances used to make our products to be safe for people and the environment. We will make agreements about this with our suppliers and do spot checks to check whether items meet the agreed-upon quality. 


 To offer products with durable quality, designed for circularity.

The most sustainable product is the product that has already been produced. That is why we want to make products of good quality that last a long time. We are continuously working on improving quality because we think it is important that our customers can enjoy it for a long time. If products have to be discarded quickly, this is by definition not sustainable. In addition, we will take the disposal phase during the design phase into consideration. For example, we are currently investigating how we can develop new products so that they are easier to disassemble or recycle. It is a new (and exciting!) way of working and it’s what we need to do for a more sustainable future in fashion.





Industry-wide collaboration to achieve the collection of post-consumer textile waste, and recycling & innovation for improved circularity in the industry. 

Consumers are increasingly buying more, yet tiring of their items quicker, resulting in an ever-growing mountain of textile waste. We're embracing our responsibility for these consequences, which is why we are joining forces with an expert partner who will sort the textiles and jewellery we collect and process them in a sustainable way. We started by collecting used and unwanted clothing at selected boutiques in 2022, and in 2023 we're expanding our efforts by accepting donations of used/faulty My Jewellery jewellery items at all of our boutiques. The ultimate goal is to make new clothes from old clothes, and repurpose old jewellery into new pieces, because we believe that circularity is the only way forward. 

This is what we've done so far to work towards more sparkling products:

 Our entire collection is carefully designed by our in-house purchasing and design team. Together with our suppliers, we pay much attention to the development of our products.

Durable Jewellery 
Our jewellery is made of premium stainless steel that you will enjoy endlessly. The advantages of the material is that it does not discolour and does not scratch and has a beautiful shine for a long lasting connection. Jewellery made of stainless steel can be recycled and already consists of recycled steel.

Sustainable Textiles
We have already started using sustainable textiles such as organic cotton, Ecovero, a sustainable alternative to viscose, and recycled polyester within our textile product range. Our long term goal is to build a collection that consists solely of sustainable, certified materials. Our goal for 2023 is for at least 20% of our textile collection to include sustainable textiles.