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Trendy bags from My Jewellery

Bags can totally make your outfit and we can’t do without them! They make your outfit that little bit more complete and give you a little boost. The My Jewellery bag collection is based on the latest trends, so you’ll always be looking on-fleek! Bags aren’t just stylish, they’re practical too. We take our bags with us to work or school every day and use them for groceries or when we go shopping. Bags are essential items and a must-have for any woman. Isn’t it great when your bag looks good too! You've come to the right place at My Jewellery.

Different kinds of bags

Going to go for that all-time favourite shoulder bag with crocodile print that we have in variety of colours? Or would you rather have the bigger amour shopper? We have bags in all shapes and sizes, so you won’t be dissappointed. Handbags, shoulder bags, waist bags, or a shopper, My Jewellery has it all! Have fun alternating all those different bags. You could of course buy yourself a bag as a present, but it also makes the perfect gift for someone you love. Who will you surprise with a bag?

A bag for every occasion

Every occasion has its own type of bag, so you’ve always got room to expand your bag collection. Going shopping? Then don't forget your shopper. Going out for the day and not taking a lot with you? Then pick a shoulder bag, with just enough room for your essentials. We see waist bags come back at festivals every year, which means you should have one in your wardrobe too. That way, you always have your bag at the ready and all your stuff in front of you, without the worry of things getting stolen. My Jewellery bags can also be worn in a lot of different ways. Wearing your bag on your shoulder or crossbody? Anything’s possible. Your trendy bag will draw all the attention. So, go girl!

Looking the full picture with your new accessory

Something we seem to be seeing a lot more often for making your bag totally hot are bag straps. At My Jewellery, we have different types in our range based on the very latest trends. With our bag straps, you’ll have a new bag and look mega trendy too. With all those different bag straps, you can change the look of your bag whenever you want. There are no limits to what you can do with your bag. You´ll be on-trend every time. Did you know that short bag straps are also suitable for your phone case as a cord? This way, your bag strap becomes a lot more versatile and good value for money!