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    Orange floral print scarf

The top hair trend of the moment: headscarves

Trend of the moment: headscarves! You’ve probably already spotted a few headscarves by now. If not, keep an eye out and you'll surely spot a few. Headscarves are all over Instagram and even on the streets. It’s safe to say that these hair accessories have made a comeback! A headscarf is an essential item for every woman. You can wear it so many different ways, so you'll never get bored of this trendy accessory. Are you new to the trend and unsure how to wear headscarves? No worries. We’re going to explain how to wear your headscarf! Headscarves will add that something special to your outfit and luckily, My Jewellery has them in many different colours and prints. Do you remember the popular bandanas? We’ve even added headscarves with the cool bandana print! Are you ready to browse our headscarves? Be sure to pick out a few of your favourites online or visit a My Jewellery boutique near you!

How to wear a headscarf

Headscarves are without a doubt gorgeous, but the question remains: how do you tie a headscarf? The great thing about headscarves is that they can be worn and tied many different ways. They work with short hair and long hair and you can create wonderful hairstyles with them. We’re here to help you with great tips for wearing your headscarf. You'll be able to make the finest hair creations with your headscarves in a jiffy! The first method is to wear your headscarf tied around your hairband in a bun or a ponytail. This will give your hairstyle a little boost! You can also braid your hair and tie the headscarf at the end. Another way is braiding your headscarf into your hair, but you might need a little help from a friend. If you want to wear your hair down, you can tie your headscarf around your head like a hairband. These options will all keep your hair out of your beautiful face, while keeping you looking trendy. There are so many options for wearing a headscarf, so be sure to try them all out! 

On TikTok we have 6 bandana styles lined up with our headscarves. We also asked you about your favourite styles with a bandana. Take a look at your favourite style here!

Style headscarves with your outfit

At My Jewellery, you can shop the finest headscarves in beautiful colours like light blue, pink, orange, lilac, dark green and even black. These can easily be combined with any look. Are you wearing a basic outfit? Go for a stunning headscarf, like the pink bandana headscarf. Are you wearing an outfit with lots of colour? You could go for a headscarf featuring the same colour as your outfit. Perhaps you’re wearing a dress featuring some lilac? Combine it with a lilac headscarf. If you'd like to tone it down, you could wear a black headscarf that will suit anything you're wearing. A scarf in your hair is the perfect accessory for any outfit because it will give your look an instant boost. With all of this in mind, you might pick out a few headscarves in various colours. That way, you'll always have one that will perfectly suit your outfit. Transform a basic outfit into a complete and trendy look in no-time!

Attractive alternatives to headscarves

Not exactly a huge fan of wearing things in your hair? Headscarves also look really stylish knotted onto the strap of your handbag. It’s a great way to upgrade your basic bag! Two other options for your headscarf is to wear it around your neck or as a bracelet. There are plenty of options for styling your headscarf, even if you're not into hair accessories. Are you looking for styling alternatives for your headscarf? We’ve got you! Hair accessories are hot & happening this season, and so of course My Jewellery has lined up the finest collection of hair accessories for you. Aside from headscarves, we also have hairpins featuring pearls or rhinestones. My Jewellery also has hairbands and scrunchies. We have the trendiest items for gorgeous hair styles! Hairbands are also great alternatives to headscarves. You can pretty much create the same hairstyles and they are available in the coolest of colours. Shop your favourite items at My Jewellery fast!