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Shop your favourite bucket hat at My Jewellery

You have undoubtedly seen it passing by: the bucket hat, also known as a fisher hat. This trend has made a comeback and it looks as though the bucket hat trend will be sticking around in the world of fashion. That’s why My Jewellery was sure to include this gorgeous item in our assortment! You’ll find them in a variety of colours. We simply can't pick a favourite from all of the gorgeous options! They’re just too cool! Will you be going for black, white, light blue or pink? Struggling like us to pick a favourite? Then get a few! That way you'll be able to swap them around based on your different outfits. You can easily shop your favourites on the My Jewellery website or visit one of our boutiques. Have you got any questions or would you like to ask for some advice? Be sure to contact our customer care team. They would be happy to help you! Shop your bucket hat fast because these  accessories are a must-have in your personal collection.

The bucket hat is a hot item

Previously you might have only seen bucket hats on people going fishing for the afternoon, but now we are seeing bucket hats everywhere: on social media, on the streets and on the catwalks. In the past, the hat was primarily used as protection against the sun, but not today because it has become a real fashion accessory. The bucket hat is also incredibly handy when it’s raining or if you're having a bad hair day. Perfect, just like our  hair scarves! Have you got too little time in the mornings? Another great excuse to wear a fisher hat. Simply run a brush through your hair and pop on your bucket hat. You can create a fashionable look in no time! Celebs like Kylie Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Rihanna were frontrunners in this trend, so take your inspiration from them. Would you ordinarily not wear a bucket hat? Don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone because this trend is more popular than ever. We’re certain you'll look fantastic in a bucket hat from My Jewellery. Go get it, girl!