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Shop the My Jewellery candles

If you are looking for the prettiest and most colourful candles, My Jewellery is definitely the place for you. We have on-trend candles in lots of different styles and colours. Can candles really be a trend? Of course they can! We have all the latest candle trends available, like double twisted candles in the colours orange, white and pink. The beautiful curves in these candles make them really abstract, eye-catchers in your home. You also get hours of burn time given that the candles are actually two, not one, so you can even decide to only light one wick, instead of two. This way you will get to enjoy your twisted candle for even longer. Double trouble! We also have a twisted candle set, and trust us, these twisted candles are a massive interior decor trend. Long, twisted candles are also referred to as dinner candles, and they give your home a colourful touch. This set of twisted candles contains six candles, three colours and two candles per colour. The colours of the candles are: pink, orange and purple. We adore these My Jewellery twisted candles. Which candles will you be using to make your home cosier?

Feel at home

There’s nothing as cosy as lighting some candles and snuggling up on the couch for a movie night with your favourite snacks, comfy socks on and curled up under a snuggly blanket! Home, sweet home… Our Home collection has everything you need to turn your house into a home. Alongside our candles, we also have lots of other accessories to decorate your home with, like: socks with ruffles, blankets and jewellery dishes. Your loved ones are also going to feel right at home in your house thanks to these beautiful home essentials. Invite them over for a wonderful meal and set the table as beautifully as you would expect at a fancy restaurant. Tablescaping is a huge trend right now and we love it! Remember to add some beautiful candles to the table for decoration. The glowing light of a candle flame would make anyone fall in love. We’re sure your guest will feel right at home once you have the candles lit. Shop the My Jewellery candle collection and create some cosy vibes in your home. 

Divine scented candles

Imagine if you could smell scented candles when shopping online. If you could, you would be blown away by how wonderful our scented candles smell. Take for example our bubble candles in various colours, which are available in sets of two. The sets are cream & lilac, purple & orange and green & pink - perfect matches! There are also lots of choices in the individually sold candles like, like mint green, white and beige. View all of our candles and discover the scent they feature as described in the product descriptions. My Jewellery has bubble candles in the following scents: rose, lavender, cinnamon and many more. A scented candle is ideal to light when you´ve finished cooking to mask any food odours. Have your home smelling heavenly. Light up a wonderful My Jewellery scented candle!

A moment to yourself with candles

Your home is a place to unwind, a safe haven where you can take a moment to yourself. Winding down is so much easier with a lit candle from My Jewellery. Fill up the bathtub, light a candle, add some soapy foam, pour yourself a drink, grab a good book and float away to a world of relaxation. Allow yourself some “me time” with a candle from My Jewellery. Shop online 24/7 with ease. Get the tub filling because we have super-fast delivery. Before you know it your candle will be lighting up your home! Do you feel like a spot of shopping? That also counts as a moment to yourself. Wander in to one of our boutiques, where you can admire our accessories, clothing and jewellery in real life. Which candle do you think you’ll be going for? Let us know by tagging My Jewellery on Instagram or use the hashtag #myjewellerygirl. We’re curious to see!