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    Souvenir glasses/AirPods chain with coins
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    Black phone case crocodile print
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    Souvenir glasses / AirPods chain with pearls

Phone case with strap

The most popular fashion trend at the moment: a phone case with strap! This trend has been a long time coming because mobile phones have become an extension of our hand. It is impossible to imagine life without a phone and a phone case with strap will help you with this. Transform your phone into a real fashion item and choose a phone case with strap as a fashion accessory!

Telephone straps can be attached to a special phone case. These phone cases with straps come in different lengths, colours and types. From pearls to beads, at My Jewellery you will certainly succeed if you are looking for a trendy phone strap! Since these phone straps are so trendy, we can't be seen to be lagging behind with the matching phone cases. These are also totally on-trend! What´s it to be? A phone strap with stars, a zebra print, or rather in red or pink? You can shop all of these at My Jewellery! You can shop handy and stylish phone cases with straps for different phone models. We have iPhone cases, Samsung cases, and for Huawei too. We’ve got you covered![

You can wear phone cases with a strap in whatever way you like. As My Jewellery has different sizes of phone straps, you can choose the length that you like. Short phone straps can be worn around your wrist and long phone straps as a cross body, over your shoulder, or around your neck. That’s why we call phone straps, phone necklaces. Phone necklaces have recently come to prominence on social media, so don't miss this trend and take a look at the varied range of phone cases with straps at My Jewellery!

Always have your phone within hands reach

Going out for the evening? Then these trendy phone cases with straps are super handy. No more lugging bags around and no more clumsy efforts trying to squeeze your phone into trouser pockets that are too small. Plus, you'll always have your hands free for dancing and holding your drink. Do you still like carrying a bag to keep your lipstick, perfume, chewing gum, keys, and hairbrush in? Then you can easily find your phone in your bag if it has a phone strap. Phone cases with straps are also great when you´re on holiday. On a city trip and want to capture everything with fun photos and videos? With a phone strap on your phone, you always have your phone within reach and can take those rapid action shots. Leave those big bags at home and enjoy a carefree night out or holiday with a phone case with strap!

Match your phone case with strap with your outfit

The phone cases in this brand new collection from My Jewellery can be purchased separately from the phone straps. This means they are ideal for mixing & matching with different clothing styles. Give your outfit a shiny touch with pearls! Phone cases with a pearl strap can be matched with jewellery with a pearl detail, such as a hairpin, earrings, or a necklace. Grab your shine!

Black & gold! Go for a classy look with a phone case with strap in gold and black beads. This combination is a real go-to look and will match all clothing styles. You can also choose phone straps with beads that you can perfectly style with the matching bracelets. These are available in different colours, so it is absolutely guaranteed that there is something for you too. Do you like having an eye-catching item as part of your outfit? Then the green statement chain necklace will totally suit your style. It’s great for styling with a green beret, which is perfect for this season!

With a phone case with strap, you always have your precious phone close to you. It is not only safe and convenient, but because of the nice designs, you can style it as a real fashion item. Already convinced about phone straps? Then shop your favourite phone case with strap at My Jewellery now!