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  1. Transparant telefoonhoesje | My Jewellery
    Transparent phone case
    As low as €12.99
  2. Lanyard phone cord black fixture
    Lanyard phone cord black fixture
  3.  Zwart telefoonhoesje slang
    Black phone case crocodile print

Shop trendy phone cases at My Jewellery

Phone cases are totally hot and a real must-have for your phone. It is hard to imagine life without a phone and a phone case. A broken phone is obviously the last thing we want, but the chances are high that you have dropped your phone at some point in time, with the unfortunate consequences that entails! That’s why you should protect your phone with a trendy smartphone case. Choose your favourite phone case from the wide range at My Jewellery. It’s even more fun shopping for different phone cases and mixing & matching them with your clothes and accessories for that day. When you shop a phone case at My Jewellery, you know that you and your phone will head out that door totally on-trend. Looking for a phone case with strap, with print or a silicone phone case? We’ve got your back!

Smartphone cases in different prints

There are so many different kinds of smartphone cases to shop these days that the chances are your stress levels will only rise further when you see all those different types and prints. On top of that, there are all sorts of different phone cases for every occasion. Of course, we shouldn´t forget that protecting your phone is in essence a phone case’s function, but when it comes to taste, choosing a case is all about style and appearance. For the daring, go wild with printed phone cases, like with our trendy leopard, zebra or snake print. Printed cases are totally hot & happening. Whether you go for a phone case with a leopard head or a printed phone case with zebra print is completely up to you! Prefer a subtle case? Then shop at My Jewellery and get cute phone cases in trendy colours like pink, lilac, mint or black.

The cutest phone cases with strap

Phone cases with straps are totally on-trend at the moment. Isn’t it just the handiest thing ever to be able to carry your phone around with you all the time without the need for a bag or pockets? Now you can leave your bag at home on a night out, you can clean without having to put on anything else (there are hardly ever pockets in comfy homewear, are there?!), and you can cycle without risking a fine. Protecting your iPhone with an iPhone case with strap is not only mega convenient, but fashionable as well. Match the strap to your outfit and you'll have a super cool accessory. The nice thing about the cases is that you can mix and match with the straps. Go for an iPhone case with strap or an iPhone case with chain to suit your style.

Mixing & matching your favourite phone protection

Can't or don't want to choose between two different phone cases? Then take them both! How much fun is it to switch out cases? Match your phone case to your outfit for an even more complete look. You can never have enough phone cases and besides protecting your phone, which is fantastic, they really add something to your look. Wearing a basic look? Then it's great to go for a phone case with print. Already got a look that embraces a bunch of prints? Then go for a plain phone case and match it with the colours of your outfit. Shop your favourite accessories & phone accessories at My Jewellery. P.S. Did you know that a phone case also makes a great gift for her? The phone cases with strap are totally on-trend and make wonderful presents! Surprise your friend, mother, sister, colleague, or any other of your favourite people with a phone case! Which phone case will you be going for?