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  1.  Zwart telefoonhoesje slang
    Black phone case snakeskin
  2. Zwarte pet met smiley
    Black cap smiley
  3. Green pencil case with croc print
    Green pencil case with croc print
    Green pencil case with croc print
    Special Price €7.17 Regular Price €11.95
    Green pencil case with croc print  is available in 2 colors Available in 2 colors
  4. Blue pencil case with croc print
    Blue pencil case with croc print
  5. Phone case |Leather phone case | My Jewellery
    Lilac phone case with croc print
    Lilac phone case with croc print
    As low as €7.77 Regular Price €12.95
  6. Sticker sheet with initials | My Jewellery
    Sticker sheet with initials
    Sticker sheet with initials
    As low as €2.48 Regular Price €4.95

Back to school or work

The holidays are over, what a shame! Time to get back to school or work ladies! At My Jewellery, we have the cutest school and office accessories just for you, so we can at least make work a little more fun. You have to admit that a pink water bottle on your desk will look the part, and with that diary you’ll be raring to schedule some meetings! Shop your most important school and office accessories all in one go at My Jewellery.

On fleek at school or the office

We don’t just have the best outfits for you to wear to school or the office, we also have the best school and office accessories. As soon as you see the diary, you’ll be super excited to get back to work and scheduling appointments. We also have the most fun notebooks and exercise books. After all, you can never have enough of them. When you take your office or school accessories out of your bag, the rest of your classmates and colleagues will be so jealous they’ll want them too. You're on fleek!

The cutest school & office accessories

A diary, notepad and water bottle are absolute must-haves for a day at school or the office. My Jewellery has the cutest items in the cutest colours and prints! They really shouldn’t be left behind. Don’t forget to use the stickers to add a personal touch to your things. Let’s go back to school or work!

Finish off your outfit

Besides getting your school and office accessories from My Jewellery, you can also get yourself an entirely new wardrobe. A little black dress always comes in handy and a good pair of trousers really is a must. Still looking for a nice school bag? Then don’t forget to check out our bags too!