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  1. Polka dot tights 40 den
    Polka dot tights 40 den
    As low as €12.99
  2. 40 den tights set
    40 den tights set
    As low as €12.99
  3. 20 den tights set
    20 den tights set
    As low as €12.99
  4. Shaping tights set 40 den
    Shaping tights set 40 den
    As low as €12.99
  5. Shaping tights set 20 den
    Shaping tights set 20 den
    As low as €12.99

Socks & pantyhose at My Jewellery

Socks and pantyhose are an obvious must-have because they keep your legs and feet nice and warm every fall and winter. Nowadays, special socks and pantyhose are also viewed as essential accessories. Pantyhose with a print and glittery socks can turn a simple outfit into a super-stylish one. These socks and pantyhose are lovely styled with trainers or boots. These items are now added as proper accessories to an outfit, as you have probably seen numerous designers do. And since just recently, you can shop the loveliest on-trend items at My Jewellery! Like glittery socks and pantyhose with prints. Remember: life is too short to wear boring clothes!

Glittery socks are hot!

Glittery socks are totally in fashion at the moment and are an essential accessory. These socks are fun if you want to liven up a basic outfit. Wearing a dress with sneakers or boots? Style them with glittery long socks and your outfit will shine!

Prefer wearing ankle socks or athletic socks? Shop these at My Jewellery too. Socks in a variety of colours, styles, with or without stripes; there are so many options. A fun detail: if you wear low shoes, we love letting our cool socks pop out from underneath our trousers and boots. Cute, right? These special socks are just too gorgeous to hide, so show them off with your shoes!

Leopard print, star print or polka dot print pantyhose

Pantyhose are perfect for when it gets cold. Perfect for those times when you still want to be able to slip into a lovely dress in fall and winter while keeping your legs and feet warm. It goes without saying that basic tights look great under dresses with a print. That said, there are moments when you might just find a basic pair of tights boring. Then spice things up! Go for some cute tights with a print instead, making your look less simple and mroe on-trend. Need the finishing touches for a black dress? Put on a pair of polka dot pantyhose instead of basic tights. Add some cute jewellery to the mix and you’ll look totally fashionable. The prints have been subtly worked into the pantyhose, which will give your outfit that little extra lift. Star print, leopard print, or polka dots, anything goes when it comes to printed tights? My Jewellery has the newest socks and pantyhose just for you!