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5 Mother's Day Ideas

February 15, 2023 | By: Victoria Cowan
Read time: 4 minutes

What are some ideas to do for Mother’s day?

First thing’s first, your mum deserves to be showered with love and affection 24/7, 365 days a year, because let’s be honest, there’s no one quite like your mum. Still, most of us are probably guilty of taking our mum for granted, simply because she’s always there for us. Hence, why Mother’s Day is such an important date in the calendar, because it’s the one day a year when it’s all about mothers (and mother-figures….don’t forget your aunts, grandmas, step-mums, MILs etc.) and showering them with love, gifts and fun activities. When it comes to Mother’s Day we’re always looking for fun ideas that’ll make the day extra special. Of course, your mum’ll love a special gift for her, but what most mothers really want is to spend quality time with you! Which is why we’ve come up with the perfect list of Mother’s Day ideas that you can do together or with a group of your favourite women. Treat your mum to some pampering, do some crafting or simply enjoy a lovely day out together this Mother’s Day, whichever you go for, we’re sure your mum will have the best time celebrating her day with her favourite people.

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Mother's Day ideas #1: Dress up for brunch

Who doesn’t love brunch?! It’s basically the perfect combination of sweet and savoury dishes and it also happens to be the perfect  (and possibly only) excuse to have mimosas at an otherwise completely unacceptable time of day. Invite your mum’s friends, or take your aunt, grandma and/or sisters along and make this Mother’s Day a beautiful celebration of all the women in your life. Dress up to the nines in your prettiest Spring dresses or a lovely jumpsuit, because come on ladies, a celebration isn’t a true celebration without a killer ‘fit! Style your Mother’s Day outfit with a pair of strappy heels and cool jewellery and you’ll look like the fiercest group of women in town while enjoying your Eggs Benny, avo toast, fluffy pancakes, waffles, maple syrup & acai bowls. And yes we definitely recommend ordering all of these things off the menu, because we believe this year's vibe i

 "She taught me that fear is not an option" 


Idea #2: Make her a Mother's Day hamper

One of our favourite Mother’s Day ideas is to make her a special Mother’s Day basket with the loveliest gifts and personalised items. Spoil your mum with multiple gifts and put them in a cute basket wrapped up in a bow for the ultimate OTT Mother’s Day gift. If you want to add a little personalised touch to your hamper you might want to consider some personalised jewellery. We happen to have the perfect pieces in our collection, you might want to look at our Initial Collection or Zodiac Collection, these pieces can be easily personalised by including your own initial, or that of your mum, dad, siblings or any other loved one in your mum’s life. Add in some fun pampering items such as our Selfcare Club beauty items, a face mask with a gua sha stone, pop in some delicious perfume, a cute candle and a bottle of your gorgeous mum’s favourite vino, and she's all set for an evening of pure bliss.


Mother's Day ideas #3: Spa day for two

Let’s be honest, we all deserve a spa day once in a while, but we’re guessing your mum might just need it even more! So, why not treat her (and yourself)  to a lovely, relaxing spa day for two this Mother’s Day. Start off your day with some bubbly after which you can change into the softest, fluffiest robes the spa has to offer! Then lazily enjoy your day floating around in the heated pools or start releasing all those inner toxins from your bodies in the steam rooms & saunas, to bring this day to a perfect end treat yourself to a massage or mud wrap. A spa truly feels like a world away from reality, and we think that might just be what your hard-working mum needs. All that relaxing has probably made you hungry, so end the day with a delicious meal, and we promise you this will be a Mother’s Day your mum won’t easily forget!


Mother's Day ideas #4: High-tea it up!

High-tea is basically the ultimate high-end Mother’s Day idea, and your mum is bound to love those dainty mini sandwiches, scones, pastries and cakes. The unlimited refills of tea and coffee won’t hurt either! Though, we wouldn’t blame you if you took her to a grownup’s high-tea with delish cocktails either. Make it extra special and go for a high-tea at a fancy hotel with crisp white linens on the table, silver cutlery and beautiful vintage china cups ‘n saucers. Just imagine the smile on your mum’s face when you’re sitting in your comfy seat and a beautiful silver cake stand laden with the most delicious treats is brought to your table. If a fancy hotel isn’t quite within your price range, give a homemade high-tea a go! Style your dinner table at home with nice table linens, add some on-trend coloured glass candle holders filled with twisted candles and pretty flowers. You might even consider heading to the local charity shop to score some vintage china to really bring home that traditional British high-tea vibe. Next step is to bring out your oven gloves, because it’s time to bake! If there’s an inner pastry chef waiting to come out, now's your chance to really show off, but don’t despair if you’re more of a danger than a professional pastry chef in the kitchen. Worst case scenario you can always head to the shops and you’re bound to find some delicious treats, after all, it’s the thought that counts, and your mum is sure to love the thought that went into this Mother’s Day idea.

Mother's Day ideas #5: Get creative with your mum

If you and your mum love getting your hands dirty & getting creative, why not take her to a fun class just the two of you! We love the idea of a flower arranging class, or why not give a painting or pottery class a go?! We’re sure your mum would love such an original Mother’s Day idea, and spending quality time with you is probably her favourite thing to do anyway. Plus, an added perk to doing one of these creative classes together is that you’ll be able to take home whatever you’ve created and continue to enjoy the day long after Mother’s Day has finished. It’s time to make some new memories with your mum, so have some fun & learn a new skill together! Who knows, you might just end up discovering a new hobby at the same time.

 "If at first you don't succeed, try doing it the way Mom told you to in the beginning." 

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