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How to wear a scarf?

January 8, 2024 | By: Victoria Cowan
Read time: 3 minutes

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#1 Casual ways to wear a scarf

Nowadays a casual scarf look is all the rage, but how exactly do you wear that gorgeous big & fluffy scarf in a casual way? Tying a scarf is so much easier than we’re making it out to be, because all you need to do to wear your scarf in its most casual style is to put it around the back of your neck and then to throw one end over the back of your shoulder. It truly is as easy as that. Long scarves are best for this style as they will hang sufficiently low down your back and front to not become untied, but other than that there are no rules girl! Fluff up the front around your neck and chin for optimal warmth, and make sure any tags are hidden, the print is perfectly visible and all the fringes are loose, and you’ve got yourself the perfect casual way to wear a scarf.

 "It's scarf weather

#2 Elegant ways to wear a scarf

The classic way to wear a scarf is super easy once you know how, but you have to find out the tricks to it first, and that’s where we come in. So, how do you wear a scarf in an elegant way? Well, simply grab each end of your scarf and pull it in front of you. Pull to your neck and take the ends to your back where you cross them over and pull back to the front. That’s it! Easy peasy, you’re ready to hit the cold winter streets!

#3 Loose scarf styling

In the age old motto of suffering for your style, this way of wearing your scarf is super stylish but certainly not very warm. Dressing in warm layers is therefore key, so grab your chunky knit, hoodie or sweater before layering over your favourite winter coat and finish with a nonchalant scarf. Tying your scarf as an accessory, rather than a warm layer, is the perfect finishing touch to your look, guaranteed! Wearing your scarf loosely around your neck is the ultimate easy style hack. Simply hang it around your neck and let the colours, textures and vibes of your scarf do the talking. Zero effort and yet you’ve instantly got yourself an elevated fit!

#4 How to tie a blanket scarf

For mild winter days when your winter coat feels way too warm but you still crave an extra layer over your winter jumper, try out the blanket scarf trend. Tying a blanket scarf works best with extra large scarves that can easily be wrapped around your body. So grab your fave large scarf, fold it diagonally so you’ve got yourself a large triangular shape. Then grab the ends and make sure the straight edge is on top, put the straight edge in the back of your neck and fold the large triangular flaps to your front. Cross them over your chest and secure with your go-to studded belt to keep it in place. And there ya go, your own scarf cape or blanket scarf, however you like to call it!

#5 Retro ways to wear a scarf

Sometimes you really just want to think outside the box when it comes to your outfit of the day, and tying your scarf in a different way that you’re used to might just be the perfect antidote to your style rut. Take your scarf wearing style to the good old 00s and go for a Y2K inspired scarf look a.k.a the infinity knot or slip knot. This style works for all kinds of scarves, from thick winter knits to delicate vintage silk scarves, and all you do is fold it in half, put it around the back of your neck and loop the loose ends through the loop, then leave it to hang loosely down your front. All done!

 "Soft & silky like a scarf" 

How to wear a scarf your own way

The answer to how to wear a scarf is all in your own hands, because it’s entirely up to you to figure out your favourite ways to wear a scarf. There are zero rules to choosing the best option, it simply depends on your personal style. Wearing a scarf in your own way is literally as easy as it sounds, just pick your favourite option based on the vibe and look you’re going for and roll with it!

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