Trend: colour blocking

The colour blocking trend is making a major comeback for s/s 2022, and we’re so here for a bit of dopamine dressing! This truly is the trend of the season, so jump on it and start rocking some colour. Not sure how best to mix and match your colours? Or how to add colour to your neutral wardrobe? No worries, we’re here to show you how to do the colour blocking trend right.

22 maart 2022 | Door Donna Rost
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What is colour blocking?  

Colour, colour, and even more colour! That’s what colour blocking is all about. The main thing when it comes to colour blocking is to make sure you’re mixing and matching blocks of different colours, and not wearing one outfit in the same colour palette or shades. So, while we love an all pink outfit, that wouldn’t be considered colour blocking exactly. Colour blocking is about very defined colours, usually primary colours, in precise proportion. So let’s say you’re going for a combo of orange and green, instead of rocking a green and orange print, you’d go for one block of orange, like a great jumpsuit, and style it with another block of green, like a blazer layered over the top. This way you’re really creating those defined blocks of colour that stand out separately but look even cooler paired together. The colour blocking trend might sound daunting, but really, once the sun is out we’re all for colour! Plus, it’s quite a safe trend to dip your toes into, A: because there aren’t any rules, and B: because all you need is colour. Trust us, once you try out colour, there’s no going back! This trend is dopamine dressing personified. Happy fashion ftw! 

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Matching colours according to colour theory

It’s time to replace those neutrals with some colour, because s/s 2022 is going bold! From bright pink blouses to green women’s suits, cobalt blue co-ords and lemon yellow dresses, this is the season of colour. If you’re feeling a little intimidated by all the colours hanging on the racks at your favourite stores, we feel ya! But that’s no reason to get discouraged, because with a little guidance you’ll be a colour-blocking pro in no time. When it comes to figuring out which colours work with each other it’s usually key to look at either very similar shades of the same colour tone, or the complete opposite of the colour spectrum. Check out the colour wheel theory to find out more, but a good place to start would be orange and cobalt blue, green and pink, lilac and yellow as these are so-called complementary colours which when paired together provide high contrast and therefore create a high-impact look! If you’re not ready to go quite so bold, stick to colours that are similar shades, such as orange and yellow, red and pink or blue and green. To really nail the colour blocking trend with these more similar shades it’s key to either go bold with 2 bright shades or pair a pastel shade with a bright shade, that way each individual colour will still really stand out. What do we think, are we ready to try it out?!

 "A colourful life deserves a colourful outfit

Colour blocking: how to get it right

To really kill it in the colour blocking game you need two things: colourful clothing and lots of guts. Because if we know one thing for sure, it’s that all eyes will be fixed firmly on you in your colour block outfit, though if you ask us, that’s exactly what you want when rocking a super on-trend ‘fit. Still, if you’re slightly panicking at the idea of being swallowed up by a load of overwhelming colour, we get ya! And this is where your accessories become key. The right accessories will work to balance out your colour-blocking outfit giving you the look of a confident fashionista rather than that of a hot mess. So, when styling your bright outfits look for shoes or boots in a muted neutral, such as beige suede or a pair of cool white sneaks, add some white or gold metal framed sunglasses, and finish off with a great leather bag. If it’s all still a bit too much, grab a simple white t-shirt or crop top and build your colour block outfit around that. This will tone down the look and make sure all the focus remains on the carefully curated colour-block outfit.

Colour block with accessories

If you’re hoping to slowly introduce the colour blocking trend into your closet without having to do a full style 180 and get rid of all of your favourite neutral pieces, the best & easiest way is to look for colour block accessories. With just a few carefully selected brightly coloured new accessories you can easily add a touch of colour blocking style to your existing wardrobe. Let’s start with the shoes, if you’re a sneakers kind girl, instead of grabbing your usual all-white pair choose a pair that’s either all one colour or that has some kind of pattern in it. The same goes for (heeled) sandals, these shoes are literally the easiest accessories to add colour to your look! We love a pair of bright orange strappy sandals, paired with denim shorts, white t-shirt and lilac bag. Which brings us to the second ideal colour blocking accessory: bags. Genuinely, these practical style essentials are perfect for adding a pop of colour blocking style to an otherwise neutral look. Summer vibes guaranteed! Finally, hats! Love ‘em or hate ‘em but hats really have a magical ability to add a touch of considered style to your look. A fedora, beanie, beret or cap in a bright colour is sure to finish off a spring/summer outfit in style. Combine all of your favourite bright colour block accessories with a neutral outfit and you're bang on trend!

  1. Beige woven top with shoulder pads
    Beige woven top with shoulder pads
    Beige woven top with shoulder pads
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    Pink wrap top with ruffles
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Dopamine dressing tips 'n tricks

A few tips to really rock the colour blocking trend this season:

1) Check out some colour wheels and read up on colour theory to see which colours are a match made in colour heaven! Go for colours that are complete opposites or that are right next to each other on the wheel.

2) If you've put together the ultimate colour-blocking outfit but feel like it doesn't suit you, it could be because the colours aren’t completely right for you. So before hitting the shops check out our blog on which colours suit you best, to avoid disappointment. 

3) If you’re unsure of a ful colour-block moment, go for colourful accessories or paired down basics first, before building up to more.

 "Life's too short to wear boring clothes" 

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