Mixing & matching with phone straps 

By Tessa van Dashorst, 26 October 2021 

Phone straps, also called phone necklaces, are the no.1 trend at the moment! Apart from the fact that these necklaces look great in combination with cases, they are also very handy. But how can you wear and style this accessory in a fun way? We will tell you in this blog, so keep reading!

Why do you really need a phone strap?

There are plenty of reasons why a phone strap is an excellent addition to your accessories: Like when you’re on a bicycle, this accessory truly comes into its own. It allows you to ride safely on the road and to avoid a fine by holding your phone in your hand. Or when you head out for a night on the town and don't want to lug a bag around. Carry a case with a phone necklace, so you can keep your phone with you. With your phone always at the ready, you can also take the most fun photos to help you capture the memories of this unforgettable evening.

Phone strap trends

Trends that we see in clothing & jewellery can also be seen in accessories such as phone straps. Pearls, leopard prints and chains, these are all phone strap trends. There are phone straps that are made entirely of pearls, phone straps with snake print fabric and phone straps made of chain links. Besides these fun trends, the bohemian phone strap trend should not be overlooked. In other words, enough options to style your phone strap with a trendy outfit.

How do you style your phone strap?      

A night out with your phone strap

Aside from the fact that hanging your phone around your neck is nice and practical, hanging it on a phone strap can also look really chic. But how do you style this accessory exactly? You can do a lot of different things with a phone strap.

  • When you go out to dinner, a phone strap is fashionable and convenient, so you don't have to lug an entire bag over your shoulder.
  • Don't like the idea of attaching these phone straps to your phone? Then why not attach this strap to your purse too. Phone straps are highly versatile.
  • Choose a phone strap with pearls or a phone necklace with a gold chain. It creates a chic look, with your phone strap being a real eye-catcher!

Phone strap on and start shopping!

Got a day of shopping planned? When you go shopping, it’s essential your hands are free to grab and look at all the great items you spot.

  • Wearing a lively outfit? Then choose a plain coloured case and a phone necklace that are both the same colour.
  • Go for a light pink phone case styled with a phone strap made of twisted rope. These phone straps are fantastic to wear and are made of a strong material. Just the trick!

Cleaning with your phone strap

A phone strap also comes in handy when working at home:

  • Do you prefer wearing a comfy outfit while cleaning? We totally get it. But comfy outfits like leggings and soft jumpers often don't have pockets.
  • So, carrying a phone case with a strap is just what you need. That way you have your hands free, but still have your phone at the ready when you get a call.
  • Go for a comfy suit with your finest slippers on and wear a printed phone strap. The different colours will make your phone strap stand out. Now, you’ll feel comfortable and trendy while you’re cleaning the house.

The fun thing about the straps is that you can easily unclip and clip them onto other phone cases.

Are you bored with your case, or does the strap not match your outfit? No problem at all! You can make endless combinations, so this phone accessory will never get boring. Be creative and create the cutest outfits with your phone strap!

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