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How to wear pearl jewellery

September 4, 2023 | By: Victoria Cowan
Read time: 3 minutes

Pearl earrings

We’ll start by telling you all about the different kinds of pearl jewellery you can find at My Jewellery. Starting with: pearl earrings. Nothing says luxury & old-money status more than pearl earrings, so don’t be afraid to channel your inner Blair Waldorf and rock a pair of gorgeous pearl earrings. Luckily, nowadays you don’t need Blair’s kind of budget, because pearl jewellery has become super affordable and for everyone. Go for hoop earrings with small pearls, unique chain and chain and pearls studs or pearl rings.  The choice is yours!

Pearl bracelets

Complete your arm party with pearl bracelets. A pearl bracelet goes with everything, making it the ideal bracelet to mix & match with. An unique chain bracelet with pearls gives you a cool look, while a charm and pearls bracelet  adds a chic vibe. What’s your flavour?


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Pearl necklaces

You simply can’t claim to have a complete necklace collection if it doesn’t include a pearl necklace! It’s such a timeless item, and you’ll honestly never tire of it. A pearl necklace adds a classy edge to any outfit which is why it’s unmissable from your wardrobe. Pearl necklaces come in lots of different styles, so you can choose them based on what you’re wearing, bonus! Go for a lovely necklace with a pearl charm to add a delicate touch to your look, or look more bold with a chain necklace with unique pearl details.

Everyday wear

Ready to wow them at work or school? In that case pearl jewellery should be your go-to, because every woman needs pearls! After a subtle touch to your outfit? Add a pearl bracelet to your collection of bracelets, or make your outfit extra special with a pearl bracelet that includes a charm with your birth year or a loved one’s birth year on it. Why not check out our Ode to Pearls collection for some absolutely gorgeous pearl jewellery: iconic, balanced and classic jewellery with a timeless appearance. Trust us, you won’t tire of these pieces! So many choices in pearl jewellery, you’re bound to find pieces to make your outfit shine.

Special occasions

Freshwater pearls have a beautiful classic and fancy appearance, which makes them ideal for special occasions. Heading to a wedding, date or party? Go all out and go for a pearl necklace! Pearl necklaces are classy & festive and they’ll complete your look like nothing else will. Finish it off with statement pearl earrings, and you’ll have jaws dropping at your next event. We love it!

Pearl jewellery on a budget

If you're into jewellery and fashion you may already know that pearl jewellery is currently one of the biggest trends out there! However, real pearls are unfortunately not a very budget-proof option for all of our pearl jewellery lovers out there. Dupe alert! We'd like to introduce you to freshwater pearls. Freshwater pearls are cultivated using freshwater mussels and are just as fab as regular pearls that can be found in oysters. Besides looking totally classy investing in jewellery with freshwater pearls means you'll probably save a lot of money which you can then use to buy even more (pearl) jewellery! This sounds like a win-win to us! 

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