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  1. Mother & daughter bracelet | My Jewellery
    Mother & daughter bracelet
  2. Orange mother & mini bracelet | My Jewellery
    Orange mother & mini bracelet
    As low as €18.39 Regular Price €22.99
  3. Mother & daughter bracelet mini | My Jewellery
    Mother & daughter bracelet mini
  4. Black mother & mini bracelet | My Jewellery
    Black mother & mini bracelet
    As low as €18.39 Regular Price €22.99
  5. Daughter bracelet | My Jewellery
    Daughter bracelet mini single item
    As low as €7.99 Regular Price €9.99
  6. Moeder dochter armband | My Jewellery
    Daughter bracelet single item
  7. Charm necklace Forever Loved | My Jewellery
    Charm necklace Forever Loved
    As low as €14.39 Regular Price €17.99
  8. Charm necklace Believe | My Jewellery
    Charm necklace Believe
    As low as €15.99 Regular Price €19.99
  9. Charm necklace Lucky You | My Jewellery
    Charm necklace Clover
    As low as €15.99 Regular Price €19.99
  10. Charm Necklace Guiding Light | My Jewellery
    Charm Necklace Guiding Light
    As low as €15.99 Regular Price €19.99
  11. Minimalist rings with heart | Rings | My Jewellery
    Ring with small heart
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  12. Orange choker with flat beads, orange choker
    Choker with flat beads
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  13. turqoise daisy choker, beaded choker My jewellery
    choker madeliefjes, kralen choker
  14. Multicolour choker with flat beads, beaded choker
    Choker with flat beads
    Special Price €12.57 Regular Price €17.95
    Out of stock

The finest mother daughter jewellery

Mother daughter jewellery are simply perfect for you and your mini-you. Isn’t it just great to be able to wear mother daughter jewellery to match your daughter’s?! My Jewellery has the finest mother daughter jewellery lined up for you so that you can match with your little one! The mother daughter jewellery sets by My Jewellery vary from colourful beaded necklaces to subtle mother daughter bracelets. The mother daughter jewellery minis are cute paired with our other mother daughter jewellery if you have more than one daughter. Sort out all of your daughters with some mother daughter jewellery and make that connection between you! The mother daughter jewellery looks so sweet and pretty, it’s hard to say no. Shall we tell you another great thing about it? It’s super affordable! Every mother, regardless of their budget, can treat themselves and their daughters to some very special and personal mother daughter jewellery. Seal your love for each other. It’s instant happiness. The mother daughter jewellery would also be a wonderful birthday gift for your loved one. But then again, why wait to make somebody feel special? You can treat them with some mother daughter jewellery whenever you want! It’s such a sweet sentiment. Shop the mother daughter jewellery online or come visit us in one of our boutiques!

Endless love with a mother daughter bracelet

Mother daughter jewellery is becoming more and more popular and we simply love it! The mother daughter jewellery trend has become the new version of the BFF jewellery. As we all know, love between a mother and daughter is unconditional. Every now and then, showing how appreciative you are for one another, is sweet. Appreciating & binding this love is a unique gift to be able to give. Right? The mother daughter bracelets are perfect for symbolising your love for each other! Separately, these mother daughter bracelets look gorgeous mixed and matched with other jewellery seeing as the mother daughter bracelets are quite minimalist. The mother bracelet contains a mould of a heart and the daughter bracelet contains the heart. This mother daughter bracelet set will always keep beating! Have you more than one daughter? No worries. The mother daughter bracelet mini can be purchased separately. You can stay connected with all of your daughters! They can all have the sweet daughter bracelet and you won’t be stuck with more than one. The mini bracelet features a beautiful pink colour, which the little ones tend to love. This mother daughter bracelet can be worn everyday & everywhere. Our mother daughter jewellery is made from premium stainless steel & is also 100% waterproof! The love between mother and daughter is something special and so mother daughter jewellery should be worn with pride! Don’t forget to document these beautiful moments with your mini-me & we would love to see it. Tag us on Instagram or use the hashtag #myjewellerygirl to show off your mother daughter jewellery!

Match your mother daughter jewellery

My Jewellery features many different kinds of mother daughter jewellery that can be matched! If any of the mother daughter jewellery isn't exactly your style, you can always pick out other matching jewellery. Does your daughter wear gold jewellery and do you prefer silver jewellery? No worries there! Most of the My Jewellery items are available in both gold and silver. Even the standard mother daughter jewellery is available in a combination of gold and silver. That way, you always get to wear your colour of preference and still match each other! Unsure which mother daughter jewellery best suits you? We’ve got your back! Do you often wear subtle jewellery? Go for a mother daughter jewellery set or mother daughter necklace with a tiny heart. The great thing about subtle mother daughter jewellery is that you can combine them with multiple bracelets or necklaces without it being too much. Do you mostly wear jewellery in gold or silver? Maybe it’s time to wear mother daughter jewellery with a touch of colour? How about the mother daughter jewellery with glass beads or mother daughter jewellery with pearls and get the same for your daughter. Are you into mother daughter jewellery statement pieces? How about some chunkier mother daughter jewellery with an initial, yours and your daughters of course. Or perhaps the chunky initial necklace or the chunky initial bracelet? You’ll be sure to find your favourite mother daughter jewellery. We have so many options!

Gift mother daughter jewellery

The mother daughter jewellery is the perfect gift for mothers with daughters. The mother daughter jewellery is on-trend jewellery with a personal touch which we think is the ultimate gift! Mother daughter necklaces, rings or bracelets. You name it, we’ve got it! The mother daughter jewellery is a beautiful way to seal the bond between you. Beautiful jewellery & at affordable prices! Such sentiment will mean both mother and daughter will be delighted with this beautiful gift for her. The main thing is that the mother daughter jewellery features beautiful and symbolic meaning. What could be more special than that? Surprise your mother with a beautiful mother daughter bracelet for her birthday, Mother’s day or simply just because. The same applies to getting a gift for your daughter! What’s even better is that you don’t need to ever take off your My Jewellery mother daughter jewellery! Almost all of the My Jewellery is made from stainless steel and doesn’t fade. How cool is that?! The mini mother daughter bracelets can be worn from the age of two and up. As your daughter grows, the bracelet can be adjusted in size. Her little wrists will be growing faster than you could believe. Cherish every moment! This daughter gift is a timeless piece that you’ll never grow tired of looking at. Yeah! Not a massive fan of hearts but would you like a beautiful and meaningful gift? We’ve got you! The forever connected bracelets & necklaces are the perfect option for you. The forever connected items consist of two rings that are intertwined, the inside of the rings says, “No matter where you are, I’m connected with you”, a perfect message if ever you’re feeling lonely. Once you have picked out your mother daughter jewellery, it would be lovely to gift it along with a card with a special note inside. Which mother daughter jewellery has caught your eye?

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