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Discover our trendy wrap skirts

Wrap skirts are so cute! The wrap skirt is trending big time and My Jewellery has the best selection of wrap skirts around. The great thing about wrap skirts is that you can never have enough of them because you can wear them all year round! You should therefore definitely have this cute item in your wardrobe. Have you spotted your favourite wrap skirt yet?

Types of wrap skirts

At My Jewellery, every day is a skirt day. That’s why My Jewellery has a great choice of wrap skirts in all the latest trends. Looking for a maxi skirt or a mini skirt? My Jewellery has it. We have beautiful long skirts made of satin fabric, wrap skirts with zebra prints and leopard prints, as well as absolutely stunning wrap skirts with flower prints and polka dots. In other words, something for everyone! Do you love the wrap trend too? Besides wrap skirts, My Jewellery has so much more clothing that follows the same trend, like our wrap dresses and wrap tops.

How to style your wrap items

Skirts really bring out your femininity. Skirts that wrap around can be worn all year round, which makes them the perfect item to buy. In winter, you can wear your skirt with a nice pair of tights to keep you warm, and in summer, with your bare legs. Feel like going posh? Then choose one of the beautiful long wrap skirts made of satin. The satin look is totally on-trend and gives your outfit that little something extra. Style your wrap skirt with a beautiful body and a pair of high heels. Prefer a casual look? Then why not wear your skirt with a denim jacket and a pair of cool biker boots? How will you style your wrap skirt?

Styling a wrap skirt with the right accessories

You should always finish off every look with the right accessories. Are you wearing a wrap skirt that really stands out? Style it with some minimalistic jewellery like some small earrings and subtle rings. Already got a basic outfit with a solid-coloured wrap skirt? Then go for some statement earrings and a statement necklace. A cute bag is always the cherry on the cake for any outfit. That said, make sure to coordinate the colour of your bag with your wrap skirt. For example, go for a wrap skirt with a leopard print and wear a beige bag with it. It’s all about the details!

  • Sometimes you need to tie a wrap skirt yourself. How do you do that?

    Our wrap skirts come with two ribbons to tie your skirt. The idea is that you take the left ribbon around the back to the right and feed it through the loop. Once you’ve down this, take that same ribbon through the back loop to the left side of the skirt. Now you take the right ribbon and feed it through the front loop on the left side. You should now have two ribbons on the left of the skirt which you can use to tie in a bow as tightly as you like!