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Maxi skirts from My Jewellery

My Jewellery has the finest on-trend maxi skirts ready for you. A maxi skirt is a skirt that length-wise, reaches your ankles. A maxi skirt is more often than not a floaty and feminine skirt. You’ll certainly feel fashionable and confident in a maxi skirt. Maxi skirts are feminine, comfortable and edgy. Is an ankle-length dress a bit too much for you? Take a look at our other long skirts, like our midi skirts. Still a little much? We have lots of other options in our assortment. Such as short skirts, wrap skirts, pleated skirts and skorts. When in search of a skirt in your style, My Jewellery has got you covered. We’ve got it all! Still, My Jewellery is a huge fan of maxi skirts. Why, you ask? A maxi skirt can be worn to work or school and can be left on afterwards for an evening out. A maxi skirt is the perfect item for any occasion and season. That’s why we love them!

Completely on-trend 

On the streets, in restaurants and at work, you will be sure to spot maxi skirts wherever you roam. This is why maxi skirts is essential to have in your wardrobe. A maxi skirt is not only insanely trendy, it’s also an incredibly easy item to style. Simply grab your maxi skirt out of the wardrobe, select a T-shirt or top to match and your outfit will be on point! My Jewellery has lots of types of maxi skirts. For example, we have maxi denim skirts, black maxi skirts, a maxi split skirt, maxi skirts in various coloured prints and many, many more. Instead of opting for a run of the mill black skirt, you might enjoy trying different colours. Take a look at our white skirts, beige skirts, red skirts or green skirts! These are also available in maxi lengths. We also keep a close eye on trends, which is why you’ll find bohemian skirts, leopard print skirts & corduroy skirts. All-in-all, maxi skirts are something you can’t ignore. Which maxi skirt will you be going for? Let us know by tagging My Jewellery on Instagram or use the hashtag #myjewellerygirl. Who knows, we might just share your photo! 

Maxi skirts for every season

Are maxi skirts a thing of the summer? Hell no! You can wear maxi skirts all year round. Spring and autumn are often too chilly to walk around bare legged. Of course, My Jewellery has the perfect solution. Simply wear a pair of tights with your maxi skirt and your maxi skirt is instantly winter ready! Combine this wintery look with a pair of edgy biker boots or sneakers and a warm sweater or classy blouse. How to style for summer & spring? A maxi skirt is a classic go-to summery skirt. An oversized T-shirt and sandals will complete your summer outfit effortlessly. Or perhaps you could wear your maxi skirt with a bikini top. Hugely on-trend and great for hot, summer days. To finish off the outfit with some great detailing, you could wear a belt around your waist, then add some jewellery and some accessories. For more maxi skirt styling inspiration, take a look at our Instagram shop page. Happy shopping at My Jewellery!

Shop a maxi skirt 

A maxi skirt will make your outfit on fleek. How fantastic is it, that maxi skirts are perfect for just about any occasion? A maxi skirt always works a treat. Whether you’re going for drinks with your best friends, a family dinner, dancing at the club or attending classes for the day. A maxi skirt is suitable for all of the above. All types of tops, blouses and T-shirts look great with maxi skirts. You have countless options if you mix and match with any of the items from your wardrobe. How could you say no to that?! Another great advantage is that nowadays you don't need to walk around town all day going in and out of all the various shops to buy some new clothes. Simply pop online to our 24/7 webshop and order what you want from My Jewellery. The courier will be ringing your bell before you know it. Try on your new clothes from the comfort of your own home. Not happy with your new maxi skirt? Send it back within 14 business days. Still feel like cruising through town? Be sure to visit us at one of our many boutiques. The staff there will be delighted to help you pick out the perfect maxi skirt!