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On-trend bikinis at My Jewellery

Just like every year, My Jewellery has picked out the most beautiful bikinis just for you. Fashionable colours and trendy models are an absolute must-have this year if you want to put yourself in the spotlight. Will you go for a bandeau, strapless, sexy, or a triangle bikini with a MY print? We’ve got it all. A bikini is an item that comes in handy every year, for a day at the beach, a trip to the pool, or that holiday you've been dreaming about for months. But which bikini suits you best? The most important thing when choosing a swimsuit is that you feel comfortable wearing it. Other than that, a bikini is a matter of taste and style. Once again, My Jewellery has the best selection of cute bikinis on offer for you this year. All of them are based on the latest trends and should not be left out of your swimwear collection. A few quick tips for choosing a bikini for women. When you want to emphasise a certain part of your figure, you should choose a bright coloured bikini or a bikini with a busy pattern. Would you rather hide something? Then choose dark coloured swimwear. High waist bikini bottoms are best for drawing attention to your waist. Go for your favourite colour & style, but be sure to try something different. Bikinis are like skirts, you can't just have one! The most important tip though is to choose a bikini that you like and that makes you feel good.

How to style bikinis in 2021

It’s pretty clear where you should buy your bikini. When you have it, you can style it in so many different ways. Wear a cute skirt over your bikini bottoms and style them with a lovely top for over your bikini top. That way, you can always take something off when it gets hot. You could also decide to wear a flamboyant dress that you simply throw over the top of your bikini. Do you want to make your outfit even cuter? Style that beach look with some beautiful jewellery & accessories to create a complete look. Add an anklet to your summer dress and your look is totally Insta proof. Whether you want a lilac, striped, ruffled bikini, or a lurex bikini, you’re summer outfit from My Jewellery is a sure shot. You can also make combinations with different bikini bottoms and bikini tops! How fun is that? My Jewellery has a wide range of women's bikinis on offer. You name it, we have it! The nice thing about My Jewellery swimwear is that you can also remove the straps, so you have a bandeau bikini. Are you looking for a bikini for sunbathing in and do you want more comfortable swimwear? Then choose a swimsuit. You can also buy your bikini in the same print as your swimsuit. Isn’t that just great? There are also some hot bikinis on sale at the moment, so seize the day and shop now for great prices. 

On trend items!

We wouldn't be My Jewellery if we didn't sum up all the latest trends for you. This year, animal print bikinis are totally hot. 2021 is all about prints and patterns, so you will definitely need a zebra bikini. Choose your favourite bikini top and bottoms and match to your heart’s content with the most beautiful bikini combos. You’ll no doubt be able to spot the stripy swimwear this year on the beach or by the pool. Vertical stripes make you look taller and give your body a nice touch. C’mon, who wouldn't want that? Pretty in pastels! Another trend you won’t have missed is that lilac bikinis are totally hot, hot, hot. So ladies, if you style those cute bikinis with the most beautiful jewellery & accessories, you’ll be completely summer proof. The lurex bikini will be around this year for sure as well. This is a bikini known for its elegance and is super feminine. Also, the one shoulder bikini is totally happening this year, it's playful yet super sexy. The latest trend is the floral bikini, which gives you a soft & sweet vibe.  The nice thing about the bandeau bikini models is that they have detachable straps, which means you can wear it as a strapless bikini too! A woman never goes on holiday with just one bikini, so when in doubt, choose both! To make sure your cute bikini stays cute for a long time, it is important to treat it right. Salt water, sweat, chlorine and suntan creams are not ideal for your swimwear, so it is important to wash it every day with a mild detergent. This way, you make the most out of that cute bikini for a long time. All My Jewellery bikinis are not just super comfy, they also look fantastic. So, shop your favourite now!

Bikini sale

Cute bikinis are absolutely essential to every woman's wardrobe. Bikinis are the item you wear most while off on holiday in the sun, so it better be a good one. Isn’t it great to grab a few bikinis at a great price? Before and after the summer, bikinis are on sale with a high discount! What more could you want? Don’t wait around too long because the sales will be over before you know it. Seize your chance and buy the best bikinis for next season, or of course for when you go on holiday. It’s always best when you get a lot for less. That’ll allow you to alternate every day with the most fun, fashionable bikinis while on holiday, or on those hot summer days. Not into bikinis? Well, we have some good news for you! At My Jewellery you can also shop the most stunning swimsuits for some fantastic prices. Shop your favourite bikini online and grab that chance for some great sale prices!