With love in the air it’s the perfect time to create loving moments between yourself and your Valentine, so surprise them with an irresistible personal gift and seal your special day with a kiss! This Valentine’s Day we’re sweeping you off your feet with our range of personal gifts. Create little moments of love with a morning kiss, a warm hug, a sweet smile, a love note or a meaningful surprise and celebrate the day of love together! 

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  1. Atelier bar necklace
    Atelier bar necklace
    As low as €49.99
  2. Statement oorhangers met drie hartjes | My Jewellery
    Three hearts statement earrings
  3. Valentine heart bracelet with initial | My Jewellery
    Heart bracelet with initial
  4. Necklace with open initial | My Jewellery
    Necklace with open initial
    As low as €29.99
  5. Statement ring with big heart and pearls | My Jewellery
    Statement ring with big heart and pearls
  6. Atelier ketting met ronde bedel kort | My Jewellery
    Atelier necklace with round charm - short
  7. Candy Couture earrings | My Jewellery
    Candy Couture earrings
    As low as €22.99
  8. Bracelet small heart | My Jewellery
    Bracelet small heart
  9. Birthstone necklace | My Jewellery
    Birthstone necklace
    As low as €25.99
  10. Oorringen met open hartje | My Jewellery
    Open heart earrings
  11. MOOD armband met kleine transparante stenen
    Tennis Bracelet
  12. Heart initial signet ring | My Jewellery
    Heart initial signet ring
    As low as €19.99
  13. Small hoop earrings with heart & pearls | My Jewellery
    Small hoop earrings with heart & pearls
  14. Valentine's necklace with hearts and pearls | My Jewellery
    Necklace with hearts and pearls
  15. Ring initial diamant
    Initial ring with rhinestone
  16. Valentine's bracelet set two hearts | My Jewellery
    Bracelet set two hearts
    As low as €19.99
  17. Valentine's necklace with five hearts | My Jewellery
    Necklace with five hearts
    As low as €19.99
  18. My Jewellery gratitude journal
    My Jewellery gratitude journal
  19. Hoop earrings with pearlised heart | My Jewellery
    Hoop earrings with pearlised heart
  20. Chain bracelet with pearls & heart | My Jewellery
    Chain bracelet with pearls & heart
  21. Chain necklace with large heart pendant | My Jewellery
    Chain necklace with large heart pendant
  22. Candy small heart earrings | My Jewellery
    Candy small heart earrings
    As low as €19.99
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  23. Bracelet with hearts | My Jewellery
    Bracelet with hearts
    As low as €19.99
  24. Ring met gegraveerde hartjes
    Ring with engraved hearts
    As low as €15.99
  25. Atelier armband met ronde bedel | My Jewellery
    Atelier bracelet with round charm
  26. Rechthoekige oorhangers met steentjes
    Rectangular earrings with stones
  27. Candy ketting met bedels
    Candy charm necklace
  28. Geboortesteen ring | My Jewellery
    Birthstone ring

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Special Valentine’s Day gifts for her by My Jewellery

Valentine’s Day is officially the day that you get to send your secret crush a rose or some other special Valentine’s Day gift for her. However, Valentine’s Day is so much more than that, so your Valentine’s gifts should be too. It’s a day that you get to treat your loved one a little bit more than usual. It’s always a good idea to take a moment to appreciate the one you share your heart with and treat them to a special Valentine’s Day gift. We’re confident that we can help you out in picking the most unique Valentine’s Day gift for her! Are you a secret admirer that would love to let her know you’re crazy about her with the perfect Valentine’s Day gift? A Valentine’s Day gift would be a great ice-breaker! Order Valentine’s gifts from our webshop full of suitable gifts for her and have it shipped to her address. Such a sweet Valentine’s Day gesture! Jewellery is essential for most women, which is why it makes the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for her. Jewellery from My Jewellery is made of stainless steel, which means it won’t tarnish and will last longer, making it the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your long-term love. Give her a My Jewellery Valentine’s Day gift that she’ll never have to take off. Looking for a romantic gift? One of our favourite Valentine’s Day gift ideas has to be our heart shaped jewellery which would make the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for her! Whatever you decide to get her, jewellery is a woman’s best friend, so it’s a safe bet and the perfect Valentine’s Day gift idea. Complete your Valentine’s Day gift for her with some luxurious gift packaging from My Jewellery, and we’re sure you’ll be king of all Valentine’s Day gifts! 

TIP: having a hard time picking out the perfect Valentine’s day gift for her? Try using our gift finder! All you need to do is answer a few short & simple questions. Our gift finder will then provide a selection of the best Valentine’s gift ideas for your favourite person. So handy!

Gift inspiration for Valentine's Day gift

Love is in the air! Whether you’re celebrating a great friendship, Galentine’s Day, love or a special connection, Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to take a moment to appreciate the people you care about and treat them to a beautiful Valentine’s gift. Valentine’s Day isn't just about giving Valentine’s Day gifts to crushes. You can also shine some loving light on your mother, sister, best friend or another loved one and surprise her with a Valentine’s Day gift for her. We especially love personal Valentine’s Day gifts like our Initial collection, or even our Birth Flower and Birth Year jewellery collections. If you’re looking to get your mother a Valentine’s Day gift for her, take a look at the Valentine’s Day mother gifts including our amazing Forever Connected range which will perfectly represent the bond between your mum and you. For a sister you can’t get any better than our sister bracelets as they’d make the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, which to be honest we love so much we’d gift them to ourselves as a Valentine’s Day gift for her. You can match your jewellery with whoever it is you’re gifting a Valentine’s Day gift. More original Valentine’s Day gifts for her with a personal touch are initial jewellery, zodiac jewellery, or birth month jewellery. You can decide between a bracelet, necklace, ring or earrings with her initial, zodiac sign or birth month, but you could also decide to give her your initial as a Valentine’s Day gift! Perhaps you think something more subtle would be a more suitable Valentine’s Day gift for her? In that case, a minimalist ring or necklace with a heart would definitely be the best Valentine’s Day gift idea!

Valentine's Day jewellery for her

Valentine’s Day is the one day a year when you can go all out in treating your girlfriend with the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for her. At My Jewellery our collections are always based on the latest trends, so if your girlfriend is a real fashionista, you really can’t go wrong with a My Jewellery Valentine’s Day gift for your girlfriend! Is our ‘Valentine’s Day gift tips for her’ not enough inspiration for you? Then take a look at the My Jewellery gift page for more Valentine’s Day gift ideas and inspiration on Valentine’s Day gifts for your girlfriend! Time flies and after all the New Year’s hustle and bustle, Valentine’s Day will be here sooner than you think, so don’t wait too long in getting your Valentine’s Day gift for her. Your go-to Valentine’s Day gift for her should definitely be Valentine’s Day jewellery this year! Heart jewellery is having a real moment, and feels like the most perfect Valentine’s Day present you could think of. From statement heart shaped earrings to more subtle heart bracelets, heart necklaces to heart rings, heart jewellery has made a major comeback this Valentine’s Day and we guarantee your significant other with love heart-shaped jewellery as a Valentine’s Day present. Afterall, nothing screams love as much as heart shaped jewellery. So classic, so sweet and so loving, when it comes to Valentine’s Day jewellery you can’t get more romantic than heart-shaped Valentine’s Day jewellery, genuinely the perfect Valentine’s Day present, trust us! Of course, if you don’t think your s/o is into hearts, we have plenty of other Valentine’s Day jewellery options. Something personal and engraved is meaningful and can be cherished for years to come! If you love the idea of heart-shaped something for a Valentine’s Day present, but aren’t sure about hearts, we also offer heart-shaped gift boxes that are perfect as a Valentine’s day gift! Our limited edition heart-shaped gift boxes with 5 gifts, make an extra special Valentine’s Day present. Filled with selected jewellery pieces, these Valentine’s Day gift boxes make the perfect Valentine’s gifts for your loved ones.

Personalised Valentine's presents

The best way to show someone how much they mean to you is to get them thoughtful Valentine’s Day gifts that perfectly represent their personal style and taste. A gold necklace Valentine’s Day gift when she only wears silver is not going to be the most successful Valentine’s Day present of the year. We’re huge fans of getting jewellery especially engraved, this adds such a beautiful sentiment to your jewellery gift, particularly if it’s a Valentine’s Day gift! At My Jewellery we introduced our My Jewellery Atelier which will specially engrave our selected premium stainless steel pieces with initials and acronyms of your choice. Gold or silver, engraved bracelets, engraved necklaces, engraved rings or earrings, whatever you think will make the best Valentine’s Day present for your loved one, we’ve got it, and we’ll engrave it for you too. As an added bonus our engraved jewellery comes in a luxury pouch which keeps it safe from scratches and also adds a luxury edge to your Valentine’s Day gifts for her. Once you’ve chosen the perfect engraved piece of jewellery as your personalised Valentine’s gift, why not check out our selection of cute Valentine’s Day cards that will allow you to write everything you feel for your loved one. Don’t forget, on Valentine's Day it’s the thought that counts, so whether your gift is big or small, your loved one will love the thought that went into choosing their personalised Valentine’s Day presents.

Tip: Ever heard of Galentine's Day? It's only our new favourite day of the year! If you're happily single this Valentine's Day, why not celebrate 13th February with all your besties instead?!