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How to create the ultimate arm stack

July 31, 2023 | By: Lonne Brummans
Read time: 6 minutes

Minimalist arm party

This arm party consists mainly of minimalist bracelets. Good examples of this are the initial bracelets or the bracelet with clovers. For a playful look, you can combine bangles and charm bracelets with each other. You can, of course, also decide to combine only a few basics with each other. The options are endless and the key is to keep it simple!

Chunky arm party

If you want to make sure that people can´t ignore your arm party, then go for the chunky look! Chain bracelets are central to this. For a safe look, style them with a pair of minimalistic bracelets. Alternatively, if you really want to stand out, simply combine more with each other. Keep your outfit basic for the rest, so that your arm party grabs people´s attention.

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Colourful arm party

Are you completely ready for spring and prefer colour? We´ve got your back! Wildflower jewellery is ideal for this arm party. The jewellery contains subtle colours from real dried flowers. If you really want to go wild, then add beaded bracelets. Make sure that you match the colours with each other.

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