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    Atelier earrings with charm
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    Studs with rhinestone initial

Personal letter earrings at My Jewellery

There's nothing more fun than wearing personalised jewellery. That’s why My Jewellery adores letter earrings. How fun is it to wear your own initials or the initials of a loved one? Plus, it's not only great to treat yourself to some letter earrings, they also make fantastic surprises for others. You can get the letter earrings at My Jewellery in all the letters from A to Z, so we've got yours! With our single earrings from the Initial jewellery you can even go for different letter earrings. For example, the first letter of your first and last name, or the initials of a loved one. You can pick any letter combination you want! Especially great when its impossible to choose between all the different letter earrings. Are you also a fan of My Jewellery’s initial jewellery? If so, don’t forget to check out the initial necklaces, initial bracelets and initial rings. This way you can complete your jewellery set and create the perfect look. Happy shopping at My Jewellery!

Shop your favourite initial earrings

You can find letter earrings in different styles at My Jewellery. Do you want statement earrings, minimalist earrings or do you like wearing coloured jewellery? Whatever your style is, My Jewellery has got you covered, because you're guaranteed to find your style in our selection of letter earrings. Do you like large, bold, letter earrings? The initial earring from The New Initial collection is totally you! This one piece earring is a real eyecatcher and a perfect statement earring. But if you prefer a more minimalist look, you should definitely go for initial studs. You can wear these subtle letter earrings on any occasion and they look good with almost anything. In the mood for a colour boost? You need the initial rhinestone earring in your life! This initial earring is covered with small rhinestones in different colours. Not sure yet? Check out all the letter earrings now, because there are many other initial earrings to choose from. Pick your favourite!

Mix & match with letter earrings

Mixing & matching letter earrings is easy at My Jewellery. But how? We're delighted to give you some inspiration. If you have more than two ear piercings, it’s super fun to wear different letter earrings. For example, you can wear the first letters of your first and last name in one ear. Or you can even spell out your entire first name with letter earrings, if it’s a short name of course. It's also fun to mix & match letter earrings with other earrings. You can wear the initial earring in the first piercing, for example, with a couple of matching hoop earrings in the second piercing and complete the look with fun studs in the third piercing. Want to make it even more special? Add an ear cuff. There's no piercing needed, so these are also perfect when you only have one piercing but still want to create a fun ear party. It's up to you if want to pick silver earrings or golden earrings. Create your own unique and personal ear party with letter earrings at My Jewellery!

The perfect gift: initial earrings

At My Jewellery, when we think of the perfect gift, we immediately think of personalised jewellery. That’s why letter earrings are super fun gifts for someone you love, like your best friend, sister, mother or grandmother. Letter earrings are very personal, that’s why they make a special, unforgettable gift. Do you have someone’s birthday coming up, or are you planning on surprising someone just for the fun of it? My Jewellery is the right place for you. You can pick different types of letter earrings in silver & gold. Just pick a pair of letter earrings that match that person’s style. Having trouble finding the perfect gift for her? Check out the My Jewellery Giftcard and let her pick out her favourite letter earrings herself! If you did find her some cute letter earrings, make your present even more special with our gift wrap options. You can pick out a cute little stud box so she can keep her earrings safe. This perfect gift will bring her so much joy!