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Initial necklaces at My Jewellery

At My Jewellery, we have initial necklaces with all the letters in the alphabet. There will always be an initial necklace there for you. An necklace with letter shouldn't be missing from your personal jewellery collection. They are both fashionable and personal, in one. It doesn't matter which initial necklace you're looking for, My Jewellery has them in various sorts and sizes. You can easily combine your initial necklace with any of your other necklaces. In doing so, you can create trendy and personal looks. At My Jewellery, we adore initial necklaces, which is why we have devoted ourselves to offering a beautiful selection of different initial necklaces. Take a look around and find your favourite! The necklaces with letter from My Jewellery are made from stainless steel, which means they won't discolour. You can take pleasure from wearing your initial necklace for longer and you won't have to take it off when showering or swimming. Great, right?! Which initial necklace have you got your eye on? Shop your initial necklace at My Jewellery!

Your necklace with letter

Which initial necklace will you be going for? Will you be picking your own initial? Or perhaps that of your BFF, boyfriend or another loved one? At My Jewellery, anything is possible! You can even pick out some initial charms with multiple letters so that you can have everyone that is dear to your heart around your neck. At My Jewellery, we have silver necklaces and gold necklaces with initials. Are you team silver? Pick out a silver initial necklace! Is gold more your thing? Then a gold initial necklace is perfect for you! Would you rather take a look at the necklaces with letter in real life? Come visit us at one of our My Jewellery boutiques! The staff there would be happy to help you pick one out to create the perfect necklace party with initial necklaces. In our boutiques you can admire the initial necklaces in person, which might make it easier for you to select the one that best suits your style! We look forward to welcoming you in our boutiques. Come visit us soon and shop your favourite initial necklaces!

On-trend initial necklace

An initial necklace is definitely something you should have in your personal jewellery collection. We’re seeing more and more initial necklaces because they have become completely on-trend. Did you know that the necklaces with letter were designed by My Jewellery with the latest trends in mind? Rest assured that you’ll always look trendy in our initial necklaces. Another trend is layering necklaces and creating gorgeous necklace parties. At My Jewellery, we have various types of trendy initial necklaces. Do you fancy chain necklaces? They look fantastic paired with our chunky initial necklaces. We also have a beautiful selection of minimalistic necklaces. Perfect for combining with your other necklaces. Complete your look with other jewellery from our initials collection. Take a moment and browse our initial rings, initial bracelets and initial earrings! These are, like our initial necklaces, made from great quality materials, so you never have to remove your initial jewellery! The necklaces with letter are 100% waterproof and won’t discolour. Neat, right?! Shop your favourite initial necklace soon and get plenty of joy from wearing it! 

Initial necklace, the perfect gift!

Would you like to pick out a great personal gift for your loved one? Take a look at our initial necklaces! Alternatively, you might be looking for an initial necklace as a gift for your bestie. You could decide to give her your initial or her own initial. Either way, we're sure she’ll love it. Or how about a necklace with multiple initials that you can assemble yourself? Have a look at our cubes collection! Isn't it a wonderful idea for a mother to have the initials of all her children together? The necklaces with letter are easy to style, so it could also be lovely to gift an initial necklace with another necklace, ring or bracelet. Gift the initial necklace in our beautiful gift packaging which you can select in the checkout. That makes receiving the initial necklace even more fun and exciting! A necklace with letter is the perfect gift for giving and receiving. Be sure to drop a few hints to your boyfriend, bestie or mother and who knows, you might receive your very own initial necklace soon enough!