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    Lightning bolt earrings
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    Basic earrings - 1.2 cm
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    Basic earrings - 0.9 cm
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    Lightning bolt studs

Men’s earrings from My Jewellery

If you’re a man with pierced ears, you should use them, because you didn't have them pierced for nothing! And if you ask us, there’s definitely a place for cool men's earrings. Since men's earrings can be real keepers, you should have some of these earrings for men in your jewellery stash. These men's earrings will truly enrich your current collection! If you want men's earrings you've come to the right place at My Jewellery. With precision and a good eye for a man, we created a nice range of men's earrings, adding a touch of magic to every ear party and taking it to the next level! The men's earrings contain cool elements that are fused into a fairly basic design, after all men's earrings are not about the frills. We have gold earrings and silver earrings, the earrings are 100% waterproof and made of premium stainless steel! Men's earrings come in all shapes and sizes, so the choice is huge. Fancy a nice stud or do you prefer a basic earring for your men's earrings? The choice is yours. Haven’t had your ears pierced yet and is the temptation too great to resist? Have your ears pierced at one of our boutiques today & join the pierced club with classy men's earrings!

Styling men’s earrings

Whether you have 1, 2 or 3 piercings there’s always something you can do with your ear party! What men's earrings are you in the mood for today? If you don’t fancy those “boom in your face” men's earrings, then a subtle men’s earring is for you. Think of a timid, minimalist stud as a man's earring, a small button with a nice design. Combine the studs with a somewhat chunkier men's necklace and men's bracelet to spice up the men's earrings. If you find young men’s earrings a bit too basic, you can also go for a trendy earring. These men's earrings are available with or without a nice pendant. Style these men's earrings with some cool men's rings, like a thumb ring. These statement pieces make your men's jewellery party fly as hell! The boy’s earrings are also available for women, so you can match your men's earrings with your partner in crime. Want to shop more gender-neutral jewellery? Take a look at our Equal collection!

Trendy men’s earrings

One of the most popular types of men’s earrings are hoop earrings for men. These men’s earrings are often worn with a stud. Yes, you read it correctly: a male ear party generally consists of two different types of men's earrings. Wear subtle men's earrings like a stud in your right ear while you wear the men's hoop earrings in your left ear, and you’ll create an on-trend asymmetrical ear party! The hoop earrings for men come in a basic design, the simplicity of the men’s hoop earrings makes them an iconic piece of jewellery. The hoop earrings come in different sizes, so if you have several piercings you can create an ear party from big to small or vice versa! The difference in men’s hoop earring lengths creates a playful but smooth look. Do you like the design of men’s hoop earrings but think they are still missing that extra touch? No worries, My Jewellery has plenty of trendy men’s hoop earrings with a pendant. These earrings for men all have fun pendants with different figures, so your ear party will never be boring again!

Trend: one piece men's earrings

Statement piece alert! Regardless of how many piercings a man has, a one piece earring is still one of the biggest men's earring trends of all time. But wearing men's earrings is a real statement & gives us some nonchalant vibes. For the first time in history, we dare to say we understand the man when it comes to one piece men’s earrings! The choice is huge, in the end you only need to shop for one men’s earring & buying one earring = cheaper than two. The one piece men's earrings are also very budget friendly, a trend that we think may be extended to women, making our wallets a lot happier! Did you know there is a men's earring etiquette? As far as we're concerned, you can leave the men's earring etiquette behind and wear the one piece men's earrings in any ear you like! You be you. One piece men's earrings are also available at My Jewellery. The single men's earrings consist of a one piece earring with pendants, charms and initials, so you can add a personal twist to your ear party with the men's earrings. WE LOVE IT! Want to go for a vintage men's earrings look? Then the men’s suspender earring might be just the thing for you! At the end of the day, you can wear almost any earring as men's earrings, as long as you feel comfortable with your men's earrings.