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  1. Ring met open schakels | My Jewellery
    Ring with open chains
    As low as €17.99
  2. Iconic smalle ring met ribbels
    Iconic narrow ridged ring
    As low as €19.99
  3. Atelier vintage signet ring
    Atelier vintage signet ring
  4. Ring with engraved stars
    Ring with engraved stars
    As low as €14.99
  5. Mix ring schakels
    Mix link ring
    As low as €15.99
  6. MOOD ring met vierkante zwarte steen | My Jewellery
    MOOD ring with square black stone
    As low as €24.99 Regular Price €24.99
  7. Iconic brede ring met ribbels
    Iconic wide ridged ring
    As low as €24.99
  8. Vintage red crystal signet ring
    Vintage red crystal signet ring
    As low as €40.00 Regular Price €40.00
  9. Wide basic ring
    Wide basic ring
  10. MOOD ring met vierkante roze steen | My Jewellery
    MOOD ring with square pink stone
    As low as €24.99 Regular Price €24.99
  11. Atelier zegelring met ribbels | My Jewellery
    Atelier ribbed signet ring
    As low as €39.99

Men’s rings from My Jewellery

All the single gentlemen, put your hands up! If you liked it then you shoulda put a ring on it. Single or not those empty fingers should be covered with the nicest men's rings. Men not wearing any other rings besides their wedding ring is a thing of the past. So what are you waiting for? Put a ring on it! My Jewellery is also the place to be to get your men's rings, whether this is familiar or unfamiliar territory for you. My Jewellery’s got you! The men's rings at My Jewellery are also available in extra large ring sizes, so you can wear the men's rings as thumb rings. And that's an iconic look you should definitely try with one of our men's rings. Men's rings are starting to dominate the street scene to the extent that if you spot a single bare finger it's a miracle. Don't hold back and express yourself through your men's rings, play around with the designs, colours and combinations of your men's rings and create the most fab ring party! Bald fingers have become a real no go for now. No boring fingers on our watch.

The perfect men’s ring combo

With a perfect men's ring combination, you can take on the whole world. Nevertheless, ring stacking isn’t always the easiest task, but it’s a lot of fun. When you want to make different men's ring combos, it is often useful to have a common thread, such as your clothes, colours & specific occasions. And based on that thread, you can compile your men's rings. If you’re going to make men's ring combinations, it’s important to let all your creativity come out, because that’s how the most stylish men's ring parties are born! We love a good men's ring combination that’s full of expression. If you like a men's ring party that is very delicate in every way, then the minimalist rings are a great starting point! Choose fine, thin men's rings and slide several on one finger. Minimalist men's rings are perfect for ring stacking, so you end up with classy men's ring combos. Add some special timid men's rings that contain a subtle stone, button or colour for a refreshing effect. Not into the fine, minimalist men's rings because you find them too distracting? Then you're in the mood for some nice statement rings. The chunky men's rings have a distinct presence about them, making them the perfect match for a large man's hand. Shop your perfect men's ring combo now!

A nice classy men’s signet ring

It’s generally known that men have much larger hands than women. But our Equal collection makes it possible to match your men's rings with your partner in crime. With some subtle men's rings you run the risk of them fading away faster than on a woman's hand, for example. Of course, this is different for every man, so you can shop for men's rings in all shapes and sizes. Would you like to highlight your hand with a large robust ring? Then a men’s signet ring might be just the thing for you! A men’s signet ring is one of our most favourite vintage jewellery items. Men’s signet rings men have a rich history! The signet ring was used to seal documents in the past, and the men's ring was a symbol of wealth and status. That’s why a men’s signet ring is quite a classy ring! My Jewellery’s men’s signet rings come in trendy prints, colours and stones. Match the signet rings men with other rings based on recurring elements and we can guarantee you’ll have a combination full of fire on your fingers! Wear the men's signet ring on your ring finger or pinky finger and you're finished.

A men’s gold ring & men’s silver ring

My Jewellery’s ring collection consists of gold men's rings & silver men's rings, so everyone can find their ideal ring! For the gold lovers among us, you can’t go wrong with a gold ring. Combine this men’s gold ring with other warm tones, so you create an eye popping effect! Mix and match a men’s gold ring with other gold jewellery, like men's chains, men's earrings or men's bracelets, so the whole picture is complete when it comes to men's jewellery! Are you more into silver rings for men? No worries, My Jewellery has a well-stocked selection of silver jewellery! Combine the silver ring for men especially with, yes you guessed it, cool shades. Trust us, the silver men's ring will be the focal point of your entire outfit! You can of course also wear a gold ring for men with a silver ring at the same time. This gold and silver jewellery trend is super underrated but the results will shock you. Wear the men's rings that you like and rock it with confidence!