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Trend alert! Signet rings for women

These women’s signet rings are insanely on-trend! We’re seeing signet rings for women more and more and we at My Jewellery are delighted about that! We just adore signet rings. Women’s signet rings are there in many different types and colours. Do you prefer round, oval or square big rings? It’s up to you, we’ve got them all! Are you team gold jewellery or team silver jewellery? No problem! At My Jewellery, we have a beautiful selection of both gold signet rings and silver signet rings. All of our big rings for women are made from stainless steel, which means they don't discolour and so the rings last that much longer. The signet rings are also anti-allergen and made from very strong material to ensure that the rings don’t easily damage. This means that you can wear the rings all the time, including while showering, bathing and working. There are simply no downsides to signet rings. We’re sure you’ll get tons of compliments. Let the shopping begin!

Timeless & classy with a signet ring

Did you know that signet rings have been around for centuries? Back in the day, signet rings were often used for practical purposes. They were used to seal documents. Letters and important documents were sealed with wax and authenticated with a signet ring. Signet rings were seen as a sign of wealth and status. Doesn’t get classier than that if you ask us! Signet rings were primarily worn by kings, noblemen and bankers. For some time now, signet rings have been hot & happening. While the status of a signet ring doesn't apply in modern times, they are still very much considered classy jewellery to wear styled with all your other jewellery and a cute outfit. All-in-all, signet rings are back in fashion and a real must-have to complete your ring party. Take a good look at our beautiful selection before you pick the right size, shape and colour for you. You’ll be absolutely stylish!

Mix and match a big ring

Mix and match your signet ring with any of your other My Jewellery rings and create a cute ring party for your fingers. A look that we simply adore is signet rings styled alongside a few minimalistic rings. This look will make your signet ring really stand out. Prefer a bolder look? Good woman! We love several big rings worn together or a signet ring styled with our chunky chain rings. Thinking about adding some colour to your signet ring look? Take a look at our coloured gemstone rings. This will create a playful effect. Women’s signet rings are also very easily styled with cute bracelets and necklaces. It’s simply a matter of what your personal preference is. You could mix up colours like gold and silver jewellery. Another option is to go for either the all-silver look or the all-gold look. It’s simply up to you! Have you spotted your favourite signet ring yet? What’s stopping you? Put that beauty in your basket!

Women’s signet ring: the perfect gift

We’ve all been there. You want to surprise somebody this year with a great gift, but you just don't know how yet. We understand and have you covered! Go for a signet ring! They are such beautiful, impressive gifts. To make your gift more special, you could pick out one of our initial signet rings for women. Pick a letter that is significant to both of you to make the gift all that more special. Take a look at our gift for her page, it´s worth it. You’ll find really cool gift boxes to put the big ring into. The recipient will be able to keep their beautiful signet ring safe and sound. You could also choose to add a sweet card with a special message. All of this will make it that much more special when gifting the signet ring. Your mother, sister or best friend will be delighted to be given such a fantastic gift. Mind you, we think that maybe you might be equally delighted to receive a signet ring from your mother, sister, best friend or even your boyfriend. Drop them a little hint about your favourite signet ring and maybe, just maybe it will soon be added to your jewellery box!