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Recycled with love

September 2020 | My Jewellery launches a new scrunchie collection together with Talentfabriek010. These scrunchies are 100% recycled with love.

The scrunchies are made of rejected products. These are garments that can sadly no longer be sold or worn, for example because of a tear in the item. With the help of Talentfabriek010, these items have been given a second life and you can now shop them as scrunchies in one of our boutiques. The scrunchies are handmade, so every scrunchie is one of a kind.

Talentfabriek010 is a social enterprise in Rotterdam. They offer opportunities to people distanced from the labour market. With Talentfabriek010, these people can study, build a network, and work on their personal development. Talentfabriek010 has multiple social projects, including several sewing workshops and a laundry shop. Each project focuses on creating opportunities for people distanced from the labour market.

So, with these scrunchies, you contribute to a more social and greener world!