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  1. Blue l'amour tote bag
    Blue l'amour tote bag
  2. Light pink floral print tote bag | My Jewellery
    Light pink floral print tote bag
    Light pink floral print tote bag is available in 2 colors Available in 2 colors
  3. Shopper met panterprint | Shoppers | My Jewellery
    Tote bag with leopard print
  4. Pink floral print tote bag | Bag | My Jewellery
    Pink floral print tote bag
    Pink floral print tote bag is available in 2 colors Available in 2 colors
  5. Beige tote bag My Jewellery | Tas | My Jewellery
    Beige My Jewellery tote bag
  6. Tote bag with zebra print
    Tote bag with zebra print

My Jewellery tote bags

Have you got yourself a tote bag yet, because a tote is a must in your bag collection. Luckily, you can find the best tote bags at My Jewellery, and we have it all! From tote bags with beautiful prints to gorgeous basic tote bags and everything in between. All of our tote bags are designed by our very own designers and they base all the designs for our tote bags for women on the latest trends. Are you a huge fan of our animal print tote bags or the floral print weekend bag? We love them too! You will be 100% on-trend with a large My Jewellery bag. At My Jewellery you can find many different tote bags with which to complete your outfit, because tote bags are an essential accessory. With that in mind, don’t feel bad for having a few different options. You can keep combining your favourite items. Take a quick look at our tote bags and pick out a matching wallet. You’ll be hot and happening on your day out.

Practical and stylish

We are confident that a woman’s tote bag will improve your life more than you can ever imagine. Why? Simple. These sturdy bags are incredibly useful for just about any situation. If you take your tote bags everywhere with you, you’ll always have everything you need with you and your hands free. You can even use your tote bag as a shopping bag. Tote bags are also ideal for mums, because lots of mothers use tote bags as nappy bags for their babies as they are a much more on-trend option than standard “nappy bags”. You even have space for your baby’s favourite toy. Get ready to be the trendy mum at the park! Anything will fit in it! Alright, that might be a slight exaggeration, but you get our drift. Let us know which tote bag you’ve selected by tagging My Jewellery on Instagram or use the hashtag #myjewellerygirl. We would love to see it and we might even share your beautiful photo. Go on and treat yourself to an on-trend tote bag!

A tote bag for all of your activities

Using a tote bag as a shopping bag isn’t the only other handy use for a big tote. You can also bring your large bag with you to work or school, that way you will always have your accessories and your diary, books, laptop and lunch with you. There’ll even be some room left over for extras. Are you headed for a bite to eat after work with some friends? Your tote bag can come without ruining your vibe. Would you rather only bring a smaller bag for the evening? Pop a smaller bag into your shopper. Are you the sporty type? A large bag is also a very handy option as a sports bag. Your sportswear, towel and water bottle will fit perfectly in a tote. Tote bags are also very handy for trips away. If you’re staying somewhere for a night, you can fit everything you need into a tote bag, no need to carry around a suitcase. The tote can also double as a beach bag, and anything you might need at the beach, such as a beach blanket and sunscreen, will fit in your tote bag. A tote bag is pretty much all you need for every activity, be it work or pleasure related, because you can fit everything you need in it. 

Shop till you drop with a tote bag

A tote bag isn’t just practical, but also very fashionable, and it’s what you need for a day of shopping. You can shop a tote bag online at My Jewellery whenever you want. Can you keep up? Our women’s tote bag can be ordered online 24/7 via our webshop. Thanks to our super-fast delivery, you could be enjoying your tote bag in no-time! There’s also plenty of time to decide whether or not you want to keep your new big bag. You have 14 working days to return the item. Headed to town for some shopping? Pop in to one of our boutiques. You can admire our tote bags in real life. Our staff would be happy to help you! Think that a shopper might be a bit too big for you? We also have a wonderful selection of other beautiful bags, such as shoulder bags and bum bags. Happy shopping at My Jewellery!