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Shop the cutest bum bags at My Jewellery

Who hasn’t heard of a bum bag? Whether you call it a hip bag, crossbody bag, bum bag, or fanny pack, they’re simply essential and there’s little difference between them. A bum bag is perfect for a day out or when you already have a lot of luggage. These bags are just big enough for your essentials and have some handy pockets. Besides that, you can wear it in different ways: around your hips or crossbody. Going shopping without one is almost unthinkable and bum bags are great for other occasions too. At My Jewellery, we’re following this trend as well. That's why we have the loveliest collection of bum bags. Looking for a specific colour like black or green, then check out the nice black bum bag or the green crossbody bag. If you’re looking for a nice print, then choose the cheetah bum bag. At My Jewellery, there’s something for everyone, so it's definitely worth taking a look. Shop now!

When do you wear a bum bag?

Bum bags are a trend that keeps coming back, not just because they’re absolutely fabulous, but because they come in very handy! Bum bags are a must for when you go shopping. Not just because they complete your look, but because they’re small and very convenient. Having a bum bag when you go shopping makes it easy to pick out clothes without having to carry a bag. Another great option is having a bum bag for a night out. Go for a posh gold bum bag, for example. A crossbody bag is also great for travelling. You can carry and keep an eye on all your important stuff, which is a lot safer. The same goes for a day out, like going to a theme park. You’ll definitely need a bum bag then too! In other words, you can wear a bum bag on many different occasions. When will you use it the most? 

Outfit inspiration with a bum bag

There are loads of ways to wear fanny packs. It’s a bag that looks stylish on an oversized T-shirt, accentuating your waist. Wear it crossbody over your shoulder for a casual look with jeans and a hoodie, which is totally hot! Wearing an outfit with flared trousers and a blouse? Then go for a glittery or leather bum bag. Bum bags look super cute in combination with a dress or a nice shirt and skirt at a party! The crocodile print is the trendiest print by far and is used for bum bags too. How great is that?! You can also style your bum bag with a matching belt or card wallet to add the finishing touch. At My Jewellery, you’ll find the trendiest bum bags with which to give your outfit a boost. These bags are absolutely essential accessories and we just love them! Having more than one really isn’t a bad thing either. That way, you can keep on mixing and matching with different styles and your favourite items.

The trendy bum bag

Is a bum bag not quite what you're looking for? At My Jewellery, you'll find other beautiful bags too. Check out our shoulder bags and handbags for example. Shoulder bags are a great substitute for bum bags because you can use your hands freely, so they're perfect for a party. Shop your favourite from the wide range of bags for women now. Looking for a small or large bum bag? Either way, with a bum bag you'll be ready to go in no time. Wear it around your waist as usual, or go with the latest fashion and wear it over your shoulder or on your back. You'll really fit in when you go out with your favourite bum bag. Check out the jewellery and accessories from My Jewellery to complete your outfit. Style your perfect look with My Jewellery.