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How we launch a new jewellery collection at My Jewellery

January 11, 2024 | By: Victoria Cowan
Read time: 2 minutes

What inspires us when creating a new collection?

When it comes to inspiration for our collections, we look at absolutely everything, but our main goal is to bring positivity and light! Inspiration comes from strolls through town, morning cappuccinos, talking with our colleagues and friends, trends and social media, genuinely, everything! Marjolein further explains that she saves any kind of inspiration to her phone, particularly inspiration from such sources as Pinterest, she elaborates: “Whenever we’re talking about a new collection or any new ideas we’ve got, I’ll think: oh hold on, I’ve got some images & inspiration that would suit these ideas. This could be anything, from interior design to shop windows, and oftentimes new ideas will pop up just from looking at these images.”

Candy Couture - The Second Chapter

For Candy Couture - The Second Chapter we really wanted our first collection of 2024 to be full of colour and vibrancy! Yin Yang, love, hearts, smiley faces and bright colours run throughout this collection, turning it into a collection without rules but with lots of playfulness.

From design to collection

A collection starts with the above inspiration & lots of discussions between various colleagues and Sharon, the founder of My Jewellery. After more brainstorming and coming up with concrete ideas for the collection, Marjolein will start designing some pieces to determine the style of the jewellery. These designs are then reviewed and adjusted multiple times. Once the colours, styles and drawings are finished, everything is sent off to the suppliers, who in turn will send back samples of the pieces. The team does final checks based on quality, colour and shape, and based on that they determine what to change or keep. Finally, the team consults with your suppliers daily, and from them they receive information, images and videos of the jewellery. “That allows us to give feedback, which the suppliers use to adjust the collection where needed.” Marjolein elaborates: “We’ll keep filtering down until we’re completely happy, after which we order the collection.”

Next up for the purchasing team & designers? To think of the display design, the perfect spot in the boutiques to present the jewellery, packaging, and basically everything else you could think of when it comes to designing a collection.


 "We love to spread positivity & pops of colour into a fresh new year!

Candy Couture 2.0 72

Candy Couture 2.0 69

What we love about the Candy Couture Collection

Everyone at My Jewellery is really excited about Candy Couture - The Second Capter. “This collection was all about giving our customers a huge dose of fun. Especially at the start of a new year, we just felt it was important to create a collection of playful jewellery that can be worn during all the sweetest moments of your life.” The second chapter of the iconic Candy Couture Collection pairs premium stainless steel with bright, funky enamel charms & ornaments! These are pieces that we designed to stand out on their own, but look equally special when paired with our other sweet pieces. Whatever your mood, this collection - featuring earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings - will add a burst of positivity to your day so why not add your own touch of colourful playfulness to every look you create! Make it your own, mix & match and celebrate the newest jewellery collection of the year with us!

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