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The inspiration behind our handmade jewellery

June 7, 2023 | By: Victoria Cowan
Read time: 3 minutes

The design behind Casa Fiore

The Casa Fiore collection is all about hand-painted jewellery that will add the perfect floral touch to your jewellery collection! Handmade jewellery adds an extra touch of love to your jewellery collection which is why your summer style calls for a few pieces of hand-crafted uniqueness! To create our uniquely inspiring necklaces, braceletsrings and single charms, each piece was moulded and engraved with the floral design and then meticulously hand-painted, detail-by-detail, piece-by-piece, to achieve a stunning hand-crafted look. Check out the precision, experience the happiness and celebrate each day with our Casa Fiore collection the ultimate addition to your summer wardrobe!  

Casa Fiore the story behind 2

L'amore per Casa Fiore

This collection was designed to be a reminder of the power of flowers and their ability to turn to the light & live life in full colour! Their magic inspired us to adorn some of the pieces in our latest collection with the most delicate flowers, such as: roses which symbolise love & friendship, sunflowers which symbolise warmth & positivity and hibiscus flowers which symbolise happiness & beauty, to create a range of uniquely inspiring summer pieces! At My Jewellery we celebrate every day, which is why we chose the most celebratory flowers, that truly reflect our summer state of mind, to transport you to the most beautiful flower fields. Every piece of our Casa Fiore collection symbolises a moment of an unforgettable summer journey!

Casa Fiore - a floral daydream

Transport yourself to paradise by taking our handmade jewellery with you on all of your summer adventures. Positano, Rome, Florence, Lake Como & Sicily, all of Italy has stolen our hearts and is just a short plane ride away! Within our Casa Fiore collection we really tried to reflect the femininity and elegant styles we’re known for, so the collection has been imbibed with texture, hand-painted flowers, lovely shapes and jewellery that will generally enhance that ultimate holiday feeling. Perfect for every sunset-viewing outfit & a true touch of summer all year round

Shades of summer

It’s a sunshine state of mind! The shades of summer and our favourite flowers inspired our jewellery story and resulted in gold jewellery featuring the most perfect colours and flowers, to create the ultimate warm-weather aesthetic. We can just imagine ourselves picking fresh flowers in wildflower fields, or walking down quaint Italian streets - gelato in hand - our hand-painted jewellery catching the eye of all the well-dressed locals as they flock to find out where our unique jewellery came from...My Jewellery of course! Casa Fiore was made for La Dolce Vita!


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